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The Taste of Things in Oracle Odyssey

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Complementary Self Care and Healthy AGING

Psychoneuroimmunology chapter in Radiant Minds 2010: The Bridge Between Science and Spirit

Secrets of Your Cells: Science and the Sacred Watkins Mind Body Spirt Autumn 2013

Holistic Science Journal Cells and the Sacred 2012

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Cellular Wisdom and Hidden Secrets  Food Chain Radio Michael Olson  

Guests: Sondra Barrett, PhD, Cellular Wisdom School & Dick Tippett, West Coast Dowsers Association     SubjectSome say hidden spirits exist that can enable one to tell good food from bad,  all one needs for the telling is a  forked stick. And so we ask: Do hidden spirits exist that can guide our way?

with Sharry Edwards  Sound Health Radio

with Sound Healer Jonathan Goldman


with Sounds True Publisher Tami Simon  YOUR CELLS ARE LISTENING 

Part 1 Your cells are listening 

PART 2 – Your cells are listening and the Cellular Shaman

Are you Listening with Michael Stone: Secrets of Your Cells

A fun conversation about the  feminine side of science, morphogenetic field, the scent of the self and the laws of attraction and much more.  Join us for an hour exploring the laws of the universe and what your cells can teach you about living well and wise.

Sacred Geometry of Your Cells with Justine Toms on New  Dimensions

This dialogue blends the scientific study of cells with the mystical mystery they contain. We learn that cells can be our teachers, that they need community to survive.  Cells can only thrive in community; they need to connect with one another, and will call on each other as allies. And, when a cell needs a certain molecule, it actually embraces that molecule; it actually reaches out and hugs the molecule. This embrace is a universal principle of design.

Conversations with Extraordinary People with Emmett Miller

Dialogue with Divinity with Johanna Carroll


   24 Hour Fitness Magazine  2016

Inner Life of Wine San Francisco Chronicle Wine Section 2003


Cellular Shaman Book excerpt on REALITY SANDWICH  


Is Wine Alive by Igor Sill




AN excellent presentation from the  BUCK INSTITUTE VIDEO ON AGING AND BRAIN HEALTH

Norman Doidge  The Brain’s Way of Healing

Michael Moskowitz     Education and Healing strategies on pain and the brain.

Therapeutic Animations for pain and depression