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Exploring our Cells    Conscious Life Journal 2019

Cell Rejuvenation     Conscious Lifestyle Magazine  2015

Immune Boosting Foods and Herbs Conscious Lifestyle Magazine    2015

World of Fine Wine Magazine: Wine’s Inner Beauty

The Taste of Things in Oracle Odyssey

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Complementary Self Care and Healthy AGING

Psychoneuroimmunology chapter in Radiant Minds 2010: The Bridge Between Science and Spirit

Secrets of Your Cells: Science and the Sacred Watkins Mind Body Spirt Autumn 2013

Holistic Science Journal Cells and the Sacred 2012

PLUS 3 BOOKS: Secrets of Your Cells; Wine’s Hidden Beauty; Ultimate Immunity




AN excellent presentation from the  BUCK INSTITUTE VIDEO ON AGING AND BRAIN HEALTH

Norman Doidge  The Brain’s Way of Healing

Michael Moskowitz     Education and Healing strategies on pain and the brain.

Therapeutic Animations for pain and depression