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This 6 week Path of Heart began 1.23.2023 on Monday 5 pm PST.   

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Still a few spots open and even though you missed the first live session, it’s recorded and starting with the 2nd live session is not too late.  

Decades ago when working with dying children and adults with cancer, I learned that it’s not only the body that needs healing. 

When working on myself with the pain of divorce and breaking up my family, I sought how to fix my deep soulful sadness, my suffering mind and drowning emotions.  What worked and is still working for me in many ways was expressive arts (indigenous practices, for sure). Dancing, Drawing, Painting, Sound, Prayer and the Sacred Self. 

What worked for me in dealing with the impending death of a much loved child was working with a shaman. And what I continue to learn from him is the power of Showing Up as a daily ritual. with Spirit.  All of this is part of embracing and engaging your Cell Shaman.This isn’t about you becoming a shaman, it is about discovering the gifts of hidden wisdom that you were born with.

Embrace your Cell Shaman is about activating the many threads of knowledge and healing practices with the addition of how these diverse perspectives can affect us at the cellular level.


This is a MicroCosmic Wisdom program bringing together science, self and the sacred.


My intent is to make this program, fun, useful and inspiring to you. I can’t wait to explore with you.

It will give you a medicine bag of tools to dip into when needed.

Discover what works for you. Your experience will be your evidence.

Dare to experience what helps you feel more whole. 


My first questions for you:

A shaman is one who sees what’s hidden, which means in this program we are enhancing our medicine powers and imagination to dive deep into our innate cellular and sacred wisdom.

Shamanism is a practice of direct revelation.  This means shamans receive guidance from their own inner wisdom, communicating with multiple helping and compassionate spirits, and through their deep connection with everything that exists in nature.

~Sandra Ingerman

The intent of this program is YOUR Self Discovery, to open to your powerful knowing, healing practices, and sacred inner nature. For feeling more whole and knowing yourself better and connecting to the divine.

“The most basic fundamental tool of magic is the body.”
Vicki Noble ~Shakti Woman

It is through our bodies that we experience our thoughts, feelings, and inner knowing. And the trillions of cells of our body are the physical vessel for response and receptivity..

Here you will meet your miraculous cells and your sacred container of Life. With our imaginations, our senses, the 4 elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire, along with MicroCosmic and Nature wisdom  inspires us to dive into our hidden sacred nature.

Begin the new year with this new program for Potent Self-Discovery. It’s as EZ as 123 as we explore our body, mind and soul to fully embrace who we are.

This is a new beginning for each of us.


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My earliest thoughts on the cellular shaman are expressed in Secrets of Your Cells.  Our cellular shaman relates to our vibrating and shape-shifting universe as well as the magic of imagination.  You can learn more in Secrets Of Your Cells-chapter 4 copy Feel free to download that here   

                  A cellular shaman pulls on the strings of the invisible. When those luminous filaments are pulled or pushed, everything changes, vibrations shift. In this program you will discover those strings and matrix of life. 


Tami Simon, Founder-Publisher of Sounds True, Interviewing me as the Cell Shaman







Foundation.  Ingredients for Life. Framework for Intention, Prayers, Commitment, Your Creation.  Your Vibrational and Sound Self – Cytoskeleton Matrix

Nourishing Self, Self Care and Soul Care, Creating Sacred Space.  What’s Your Sound?


        Your heartbeat, sounds and the senses

3.  AWE – THE 4 ELEMENTS: Air, Water, Earth and Fire, MicroCosmic Wisdom, Nature and Cellf

4.  SPIRIT AND FIRE – Higher Self, Legacies, Fire in your Cells – Mitochondria, energies



           I AM 


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