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Discover and Engage with your Life-Changing MicroCosmic Code.

Once upon a time, your spirit landed here coming from the sacred space that surrounds us. You landed with a secret cosmic code hidden in your molecules.The AstroTrilogy MicroCosmicCode represents the “big three” in astrology. The sun, moon, and rising signs, known as the astrological “big three” represent the moment when you took your first breath here on Planet Earth. The big three, perhaps, are the most powerful cosmic indicators of your personality, temperament and spirit. This energetic code, when looked at with the MicroCosmic Wisdom Cards, reveals a whole new layer of your inner sacred wisdom.

Secure your opportunity to discover and activate your cosmic code.

Be one of the first to have a personal AstroTrilogy Microcosmic Reading with me. We’ll also look at how to activate your code for transformation from now to a higher expression and experience of you. With the new MicroCosmic Wisdom Cards I am now offering the AstroTrilogy card readings that are an expression of your astrology – rising sign, sun sign and moon sign. I will also include a single card reading for/with you. I will need your birth data prior to the reading.These are done live on Zoom and will be videotaped so that you will receive an audiovisual copy of the reading.

There are still a few decks available for purchase

It is strange that so few humans are interested in the most stupendous, most miraculous, most unique, most fascinating object on Earth: their own human being. Try to understand your physical, mental, sentimental, spiritual and total life, and you will be astonished beyond belief.” 

~Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations.