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The AIR signs of the Zodiac are Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra.  

When I photographed the mineral salts associated with each of these air signs, big surprise, all angular square forms.




Air signs are considered to be masculine energy and the symbol for air signs extrapolated from the photomicrographs, is also considered a masculine form.


Some gifts of the AIR element  –

Strong intellectual and mental powers.  AIR people love to discuss ideas and often seek out social situation to talk.  These are the dreamers yet they can focus their energy to ensure the communication and manifestation of their ideas.  

Aquarius time is Jan. 20 until Feb.18.  Its astrological symbol is the water bearer.  Its mineral salt is sodium chloride, table salt. And the role of sodium chloride in the body, is to balance the fluids, so it definitely is a water bearer.  

Its glyph  

Some perspectives on Aquarius

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