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Introduction Video

  1.  From Cell to Self: Sanctuary
  2.  Identity and Energy: I AM.  Cells are always in the NOW
  3.  How Cells Learn and Network:  Sensory Portals and the Brain
  4.  Guardians of Our Genes and Legacies:  Purpose

Did you know that you are a trillion-celled universe? Our cells live in communities cooperating with each other, living and dying without our awareness.

Only two kinds of cells live with us over our lifetime, our neurons and heart muscle. So we learn ways to enhance our brain and heart to keep them healthy.

All of our cells share an intelligence that keeps us alive. Discover what you can do to activate your cells to help them and you thrive. You will learn how to be in partnership with your cells in this online course. Blending biology, bodymind health and experiential activities you will learn how to engage with the innate and sacred wisdom of your cellular life.

We explore how we and our cells communicate, what stresses them, how to lessen that stress and better manage life’s challenges. Our cells’ unique architectural design – the connective cytoskeleton of tubes and strings – provides a tangible place where energy, vibration, sound and movement activate cell functions, inner wisdom, and gene expression. We activate our knowledge, memory and sense of wellbeing when we can embody and make tangible the intelligence of our cells. We will work with sound, the imagination, creativity and the senses.

Suggested reading: Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence by Sondra Barrett, PhD. (Sounds True 2013)

The intent of this course is to provide you with these benefits:

  • Fall in love with your cells and gain a new relationship with your body
  • Better manage your challenges and stress responses
  • Experience effective healing strategies using sound, qigong and guided imagery
  • Use your senses to instill new habits, behaviors, and memory
  • Feel more gratitude for life and your inner wisdom


 1. From cell to Self: Sanctuary – Meet Your Cells

  • The First Cell- Creation, we come from the stars
  • In the Beginning Molecules Merge
  • The Cell as the Container of Life: Sanctuary
  • ·Requirements for Life: Food, air, movement, nourishment, and connection
  • Cellular Intelligence – The abilities to survive, communicate, and connect
  • The Anatomy of a Cell- Architectural Design
  • Cell receptors – the antennae, receivers of information
  • Cell membrane: flexible, fluid and discriminating boundaries
  • The decision-makers, responders – Cytoskeleton
  •    Microtubules, filaments and strings. Cells are string instruments. 
  •    Consciousness and maintaining integrity
  • Danger, fear, joy our cellular universe responds
  • Guided meditation: Tuning into the cells with the eternal hum
  • Universal principles of design:Pattern Recognition, Tensegrity; Cell alchemy – As above, so below
  • What outcome would you like from this course? How you will know that you’ve achieved this?


2. I AM.  Identity and Energy: Cells are always in the NOW

  • Recognition of Self and other: from cells and psyche
  • Safety and Danger
  • The Stress response – tension compromising energy production and the microbiome
    • What is most stressful to you right now?
  • The body’s energy, Molecules and vibration
  • Mitochondria and cellular energy, origins and unique functions of the mitochondria
  • Energy molecules ATP and breath
  • Good vibrations – the field around us
  • Resources for Refueling
  • Letting go and surrender
  • BodyMind – Our attitudes and thoughts affect our choices, behaviors and energy
  • The mind in the heart
  • The many dimensions of energy – molecular, physical, prayer,life force, qi, electromagnetic
  • Your Mythic identity – who are you?
  • Learn how to cultivate the energy of Qi – Qigong

3.  How Cells Learn and Network:  Sensory Portals and the Brain

  • The brain and cells don’t know the difference between what’s real or imagined
  • We learn through repetition, novelty and reward
  • Using the senses as transducers of energy, anchor and program new healthy behaviors
    • Planting new seeds for change
  • Discover the powers of imagination and visualization:shamanism
    • Creating a vision of wellbeing
    • Imagery changing the message
  • Programming gratitude and new behaviors

 4.  Guardians of Our Genes and Molecular Mythic Legacies

  • DNA
  • Mythic Mystic Molecules
  • Gene and DNA structure
  • DNA integrity, damage and repair
  • What is cancer?
  • Epigenetics – changing the expression of our genes
  • Sacred symbols in our DNA: the spiral and the triad
  • Tapping into the sacred, finding Purpose, activating our legacies
  • Using our activated inner intelligence: nourish, replenish, and connect.
  • Metaphysical wisdom as expressed by our cells and molecules
  • Daily rituals for change and healing using science and the sacred
  • Embodying your Legacy, giving back.  Activating our legacies – life purpose, life expression – love and listening