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In biology, there are lots of 3s

the genetic code of 3 letters



the 3 embryonic layers that become us through the 9 months gestation


the triune model of the brain



The microtubule triplets in the centrioles that direct cell division

The 9 triplets of the 2 centrioles in a cell are important for cell division as well as forming part of the cytoskeleton, the fabric of the cell enabling it to move and transport the materials inside the cell. 

Some scientists have demonstrated that centrioles are the “eyes” of the cell, which enable the cell to  detect objects at a distance, like other cells.  Such cellular vision depends on near infrared wavelengths. The inner light guides our cells and our self to wholeness and completion. To me that says for each of us to use our inner light to guide us into wholeness and bringing into fruition our harvest.  

Actually there are 9 sets of triplets in the construction of the centriole

which got me thinking about why 9

9 is 3 3s

Today is 9.9. 2019, which makes it 999

The symbolic meanings of 9 through different cultures are COMPLETION, wholeness, fulfillment

According to James Wanless in the Voyager Tarot, 9 symbolizes the unity of body mind and spirit.  In his Tarot, the Hermit (IX) symbolizes shutting out distractions to complete bringing together the material and spiritual realms.  Through focus , attention, and our many trials and challenges we get in touch with our inner light bringing into reality an abundant harvest from our inner resources. 

A time to take some solitude today, meditate and listen.

Know yourself and use the discipline and wholeness of 9 to complete a gift coming from your inner treasures. 

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