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IT’S ELEMENTAL -MicroCosmic Wisdom

Reclaim Your Sacred Intuitive Knowledge for Healing, Self-empowerment and Self-Care










You’re invited to explore the elemental MicroCosmic Wisdom, in Nature and your inner nature


Four weekly Modules

Discover how the 4 elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire. (A W E + F)

help you create a more sacred life.


With wisdom we create our life, our universe.

In this 4 module program, we tap into Our Elemental and sacred wisdom to transform the way we see/know the world.

We will play and learn together.


The program begins Sept. 7 at 11 am PDT.


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All sessions will be recorded if you can’t make it in person.  

This 4 week program is an invitation for self-discovery and an initiation into the YOU that may be hidden. You will make your own discoveries of your cosmic code and your elemental powers.   You will learn to embody and experience Nature more intimately and the sacred elements and your elemental nature. Basic terms in astrology to be covered include: what is a rising sign, the zodiac. We will dive into the Essential powers of the 4 elements, your birth chart and learn to use your elemental magic.  I will share the MicroCosmic Wisdom deck to engage with your imagination and tap into your elemental knowing.  

Replay of 1 hour Free the elements

Once upon a time – I fell in love with the 4 elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.  (AWE+F) This came from my fantastic discovery of the  4 elements hidden in our molecules.  And though I did the microscopic photography of these molecules 40 years ago, I rarely talked about them or the discovery of the elemental patterns held in these molecules. Why? I was a scientist who had lived by the belief and guidance of provable FACTS.  However, about 10 years ago I began using the  photomicrographic images to understand elemental astrology and human relationships.  A portal opened up to me about the magic wisdom of the 4 elements, as touchstones into human nature, a person’s cosmic code of their moment of birth.  It revealed something that an ordinary birth chart fails to do.  Ultimately, it took me into our intimate connection with all of Nature. I had never intended or even thought of creating an oracle deck from the photographs I took through the microscope. 


These photographs, that are the foundation of the MicroCosmic Wisdom cards, are of mineral salts of the Zodiac. And though we will look at these images as touchstones for the elements and the sacred geometry, the bigger gift is the deep discovery that the 4 elements are an essential core to our being.  Tapping into them, we embrace our sacred connection to all of life.


The cards have become my doorways into spiritual transformation, my I AM.  And as people are beginning to use these cards, I realize that the cards reveal more wisdom than we could ever imagine. The images are portals into your own inner wisdom, imagination, and intuition. 

Module 1. We come from the stars

We know more about outer space than we know about inner space andourselves.  This first module takes us from the beauty of outer space obtained by the Webb telescope to the surprising discovery from inner space through the microscope, that molecules carry wisdom and personally useful cosmic wisdom for each of us.  The story of this exploration has us look at confronting doubt, uncertainty and fear and going ahead anyway.  Is it possible that molecules carry messages beyond their chemistry? You may decide you want to create your own elemental deck.  Each session we will pull a group card.  What’s your question today and which card gives you an answer?


In the ancient Aramaic, the creation story did not start with “In the beginning.” 

It started “With Wisdom, God created the heavens and the earth.”

Wisdom is the fundamental building block of the Universe.



Module 2. Who are you?  Tuning in to the Elements

From the molecules we look at their place in the Zodiac and astrology.  A very basic overview of astrology will help you make this information applicable to you.  Birth charts, signs and the 4 elements.  The MicroCosmic Wisdom deck and guidebook – symbols and ways to play.  Today’s card party will look at your sun sign cards and what they tell you about you.




Module 3. The 4 Elements

What are the qualities and symbols of the 4 elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire in terms of Nature and human nature? Putting into practice the powers of the elements. The 4 Elements and the cards.  Embracing elemental energies accessed in the MicroCosmic Wisdom guidebook. Today’s card party will focus on activating your elemental nature.



Module 4 The Elemental You and Your Cosmic Code

The MicroCosmic Wisdom Cards and the Elements, going deeper.   Sharing your MicroCosmic AstroTrio – is this a Cosmic Code? What can it teach and guide you?  How will you transform into the new you you want to be?




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