It all starts here –


The message in the bottle.

These photographs  capture the unique expressions of a wine’s SPIRIT and PERSONALITY.


500k FermentationIn the beginning, grape juice starts its transformational journey to wine with help from its friends-the yeasts. This photomicrograph reveals chardonnay during fermentation accompanied by Montrachet yeast.


Chardonnay 1 year from free run grapes

And soon it begins to grow up.  Chardonnay at one year




Grgich chardonnay

CHARDONNAY at 3 years – Winemaker: Mike Grgich 2002 Grgich Hills

This Grgich Hills chardonnay has no malolactic fermentation.  Mike put California wine on the map at the 1976 PARIS TASTING where his Chateau Montelena Chardonnay topped all the French Burgundies in taste and flavor!

KJ Chardonnay

Kendall-Jackson 1982 Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay

Jess Jackson made a chardonnay that everyone would like – he added a bit of sweetness to the blend. 100% Malolactic fermentation.

400SB sauvignon bl

Sauvignon Blanc, Sterling Vineyards, 2 years old

HEIDI’S ANGELS – Moscat Canelli (dry)

La Sirena Moscato Azul (2004 at one year) Winemaker: Heidi Barrett











OPUS ONE (“Bordeaux Blend”)

©fl 72 OpusOne2005

2005 OPUS ONE  7 yrs. old. Winemaker: Michael Silacci (original sold)


“It looks like it tasted.” MERLOT Sterling 1978


WISE ELDER – 17 years Old Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon

Inglenook Cask Cabernet Sauvignon 1968 at 17 years Winemaker: John Daniel, Jr


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