JUNE 30   The Healing Wisdom of  Your Cells: Finding Sanctuary Within


Exploring how molecules come together to create the cellular sanctuary for Life,we dive deep into the hidden structures of our cells and molecules that make possible communication, connection and celebration.

  • Self-Discovery: Tuning in, aligning bodymind and spirit, the eternal hum
  • Finding sanctuary
  • Inquiry and Experience: Ways of knowing: science, imagination, sensory, intuition, secret language of our molecules.

Where: UC Santa Cruz

American Society of Dowsers, West Coast Conference

June 30-July 3, 2018

2019 January 31- March 7    Awakening Your Cellular Intelligence

buddha webbing and cell_edited-1What does “awaken” mean? What and where is cellular intelligence? This is a journey into your cellular universe, the design, expression, and inner activities of your cells. How do all the different cellular communities in your body manage to stay together, grow and communicate?

Our cellular ancestors evolved their chemistry and life skills to survive and thrive for millions of years. Just imagine what our invisible cells can show us about life.You will be introduced to the architectural design of your cells and what stresses the fabric within your cells. We discover that, at a cellular level, the underlying fabric is constructed of tubes, struts and stings making us string instruments. This unique anatomy provides a framework of how energy, vibrations, song and the senses can engage with all of your cells. What tunes your strings?

Cells communicate through molecules, energy and instant messaging. The underlying theme in this program, we learn best when we embody and experience the information. Each session will incorporate sensory awareness, movement, meditations, visualizations, drawing, and inner space explorations into the world of our cells and molecules. In this course you begin to learn how to celebrate and communicate with your cells, maybe even fall in love. With guided visualizations and personal reflections you will illuminate the sacred teachings of your cellular kingdoms. In addition to in -class exercises, your knowledge and experience is enhanced by at home-explorations, reading and reflections.

Where:  Sonoma State University, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Thursdays 9:30-11:30 am


motor neurons from skin cellsCome fall in love, meet your cells and discover the amazing hidden beauty and sacred wisdom within you. You may even get to meet your cell shaman.  

We explore how to awaken to our cellular intelligence and wisdom through science, knowledge and imagination.  Within our cells are physical structures that make them capable of responding to sound, music, movement, and the energy of your thoughts.


300 AquarIus copyAs we uncover the amazing architecture of our cells and molecules, we see glimpses of sacred geometry. What can we learn from this to guide us every day, diminish stress, know ourselves better and experience gratitude and the sacred?  

Join us for this visual and interactive presentation illuminated by spectacular colorful images from inner space and perhaps you will even fall in love with yourself from the inside out.

This will be Santa Rosa IONS last presentation. Let’s thank John and Janice for bringing us all the incredible wisdom and discussions over the years.

WHERE: Santa Rosa IONS Community Group

Lomitas School House
2421 Lomitas Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

When: Thursday, May 10, 7 to 9 pm

955 72cell meditation from soyc


strings of our cells

Come meet your cells and explore how to awaken to their intelligence.  Consider that our cellular ancestors evolved their chemistry and life skills to  survive and thrive for millions of years. Imagine what they can show us about life.BARRETT_X04

Discover the amazing architecture of your cellular sanctuaries that makes them capable of responding to sound, music, movement, your thoughts and even light. What can we learn from them to help us in everyday life, diminish stress, make change and experience gratitude and the sacred?  MAY 10

We explore how to communicate with our cells and our self through guided visualization and the senses. Here you will learn from both scientific and spiritual perspectives how your cells can help you thrive and change.  In addition you will discover some of the sacred symbols within. 

This presentation will be illuminated by spectacular colorful images from inner space and you will be illuminated by your amazing inner beauty and cellular wisdom, perhaps even fall in love with yourself from the inside out.

 WHERE: Marin Community Group of IONS       7-9 pm at Unity in Marin, Novato







PREVIOUS Offerings


September 9      The Sacred Secrets of Our Own Biology

me at mtai

Music-Thanatology Association International 

Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane, WA

Sondra Barrett was invited to lead a day-long workshop on the Sacred Secrets of Our Own Biology for an international meeting of music-thanatologists.  These are clinicians who use music to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of dying individuals through the prescriptive use of musical elements.  Sondra helped all appreciate the biological, artistic, and mystical aspects of the building blocks of our own being (the cells) and the beings with whom we work.  Her workshops were experiential and inspirational and they helped the participants in their work as well as in their own self-care.  Most of all, Sondra’s warm presence embraced the participants, making her words come alive in a caring and truthful message.    

~Donna Madej, Certified Music-Thanatologist, Spokane, WA


  • Wow. Sondra was a total inspiration.  To give us a whole weekend of her time was remarkable.  Looking forward to reading her work in more depth.  Connections for us are important in our work.
  • Thank you for bringing Sondra to us.
  • I loved Sondra.
  • Many synchronicities related to other areas of my life.  So grateful for this information.
  • Wonderful, engaging.
  • Fascinating and useful.  Our intention. Great experiential. Excellent slides. Integration.
  • Informative, timely, relevant topic.

October 21    Accessing Your Cellular Wisdom

Imagery International: Enlivening the Mind-Body-Imagery Connection

Vallombrosa Retreat Center, Menlo Park, CA

voyage of discoery copySondra offers an incredible journey into the invisible cellular universe on an expedition of somatic discovery.

This program embraces science and the art of imagery along with practices to embody your cells’ wisdom and to illuminate what you already know. This journey into your invisible cellular universe will guide you to discover, enliven, and know how to communicate with your cells. The program is illuminated by the spectacular microscopic imagery of our inner world – amazing molecules and the cellular architecture of life. Discover where in your cellular anatomy, sound, energy and movement have their influence. This multi-sensory journey into your inner nature brings together science, sound, and visuals to enhance your awareness, knowledge and imagination.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Albert Einstein