BOOK  WINE'S HIDDEN BEAUTY, FIRST EDITION, very few copies are left.

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Specifics: French flaps soft cover, full color gift book 133 pages, 100 color photographs, 10 x 10

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Next time you taste some wine, scribble pictures that come to mind, those hidden messages written in the language of wine. Need help to discover the diverse personalities of wine? Want to deepen your pleasure of wine?

Wine's Hidden Beauty will guide you through the inner evolution of juice changing into greater complexity as it transforms into wine. It offers a visual experience of styles and stories of wine, unlike anything done before.

Explore your pictures and perceptions of taste as you share a wonderful glass of wine with a friend.

1. Discovering the Inner Grape
2. Transformation - fermentation and aging
3. Shaping Taste - the 5 tastes, flavor and terroir
4. Wine Legends: Art in the Bottle
5. Cultivating Well-being - wine and health, community
6. The Spirit of the Grape - does the grape have a purpose
7. The Soul of Wine
8. Savoring Life

Specifics: French flaps soft cover, full-color gift book, 100 color photographs,133 pages, 10 in x 10  in.