UNIQUE Photographic Memories Illuminate Wine’s Beauty and Character

Barrett 300 IMG_ME2021 copyI capture the spirit, the incredible beauty and hidden expressions of a wine through a light microscope, or any other libation or food.  Unique portraits can help you preserve and share the memory of those special moments in a wine’s life. This can be for fine art for the tasting room, small prints to sell, for merchandise, labels – use limited only by the imagination.  Not limited to wine.

300 KJchardonnay

Chardonnay Kendall Jackson

72 Chablis premier cru 2012 Vincent Dauvissat 10_00045

Chablis premier cru 2012 Vincent Dauvissat

3 BarrettMoscato Azul

La Sirena Moscato Azul

How You Can Use These Images:

  • Showcase and promote your wines

  • Research: Follow its development, transformation and evolution

  • Enhance your pleasure, knowledge and that of your wine-loving public

  • Educate, Entertaining Events and Explore


For digital media: a compelling website to illustrate the remarkable story of your wines

Hourglass 2012 Cab Hourglass Vyd

Hourglass 2012 Cab Blueline Vyd

Hourglass Sauvignon Blanc 2014






WINE AGING-Follow development and maturation 

EXPLORE how a given wine changes over time. Show the character and personality of your wines. Know and visualize your wines better – for blending, for aging, for structure. Tasting shape.

Alpha Omega 2006 Proprietors Red 3 yrs

Alpha Omega 2006 Proprietors Red 3 yrs

400AO 06PrRed2010

Alpha Omega 2006 Prop. Red 4 years

72AO 2006CAB

Alpha Omega 2006 Cab Sauvignon 3 yrs







72 rudd cab 2yr

PROLONG the PLEASURE  of the moment 

Photographs of your stellar ONE-OF-A-KIND wines create a special piece of art of your wine’s expression.  And if you are local (San Francisco Bay area), no bottle has to be opened for this.  I can sample your amazing rare wine with a Coravin system.  The photograph will last a lifetime, long after the bottle is empty.


GIFT ITEMS and small unsigned prints



TRANSFORMATION- fermentation iphone case

TRANSFORMATION- fermentation iphone case

Sparkler - Sparkling Brut

Sparkler – Sparkling Brut

Caffeine mug

SHAPING TASTE :  Images of Tastes

PRESENTATIONS and Displays   

 Sensory Pleasures – TASTINGS