Secrets of Your Cells: The 6 Lessons

meditationdingzeyu-li-773-unsplashThe 6 lessons 

 The intent of these 6 lessons is to provide you these outcomes:

  • Transform your relationship with your body – fall in love
  • Better manage challenges and stress 
  • Experience  sound and movement as effective healing strategies
  • Enhance and inspire new habits, behaviors, and memory through the senses
  • Expand your imagination and inner wisdom
  • Communicate intentionally with your cells
  • Create a sacred relationship with your self, your cells, nature and others
  • Feel more gratitude for life and your inner wisdom

One way to help this happen is for you to know what you want to gain from this course and to participate.

Learning is an inside job, as is healing and happiness.

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Each lesson builds on the previous lessons and provides a video of knowledge and skills for you to embody. Most lessons include a guided visualization to get you deeper into your cells and self. Many include supplementary audio and video files to support your experience. In addition, the overview PDF supplies a summary of the lesson’s content plus detailed descriptions of explorations and reflections to do at home. Starting with Lesson 1, a Daily Practice is offered, with new practices added in each lesson.

Learning objectives:

72 token cellLesson 1. Meet Your Cells, Awaken Awareness

  • Awaken your own awareness of your cells’ intelligence
  • Experience more gratitude 
  • Meet your cells to engage their knowledge and skills
  • Commit to do a daily practice or expand the one you are already doing
  • Create a sacred relationship with your cells and self
  • Experience that you and your cells are string instruments and the power of HUM
  • Decide what outcome you would like as a result of this course 

goodmerged cell sanctuaryLesson 2. I Am Sanctuary

  • Appreciate how the cell embodies universal principles of design
  • Begin to engage the Power of 3, the divine Triad practice
  • Listen to your cells regularly to engage the knowledge and skills of cell wisdom
  • How to build and enhance a daily healing practice
  • Experience sanctuary

150 energy manLesson 3. It’s All Energy

  • Be aware of the many dimensions of energy: physical, metaphysical, invisible, emotional, and sacred. 
  • Realize that your thoughts, perspective, and imagination can trigger unnecessary stress responses
  • Know how your cells produce energy & why you may be experiencing fatigue
  • Learn how to cultivate Qi.
  • The Power of 3, from a psychological perspective, Hardiness
  • Think with your heart
  • Be present in the here and now. Cells are always in the NOW

navhoshamanLesson 4. Hidden Powers of the Senses, Symbols, and Imagination

  • Enhance your imagination
  • Use guided imagery, visualization, and your senses
  • Teach your brain through novelty, repetition, reward and the senses
  • Use the senses to anchor new behaviors, new habits and recondition inner peace and relaxation
  • Experience the healing powers of symbols for healing and accessing inner wisdom.


dna mandala copyLesson 5. Guardians of the Genes: Legacies

  • Understand the structure of DNA and our genes
  • Know what influences the expression of the genes – epigenetics, tensegrity
  • Recognize the relationship between stress and repair of DNA errors
  • Explore imagery and lifestyle to affect gene expression
  • Realize your own purpose and legacies

id self from lesson 2 Screenshot 2018-07-16 15.18.33Lesson 6. Cellebration, Healing Rituals, and Divine Wisdom

  • Integrate and activate cell wisdom and practices into potent healing rituals
  • Experience that you and your cells are loving awareness, loving kindness, love
  • Communicate with your cells in appreciation
  • See the divine in our design and become curious where knowledge comes from
  • Engage with your cells’ wisdom

A roadmap to success

  1. Set an intention for what you want to gain from this course
  2. Watch the video lesson
  3. Read the Overview and engage with the explorations and reflections
  4. Begin your new Daily Practice
  5. Participate in our private Facebook Group and in the live Q and A sessions.
  6. Journal what you are learning, experiencing and/or challenged by.

Course begins 8/8/2018