My 3 Books: Secrets of Your Cells; Wine’s Hidden Beauty; Ultimate Immunity

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Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence blends science and the sacred with practical tools for healing and living well. NOW available in Spanish, German,  Chinese, Korean and Italian.  Just out in Portuguese and French, haven’t see the books yet.

A 6 lesson course, based on this book and my workshops will be launched spring 2018 on Thinkific.

The 3 session pilot program Stress Less for More Energy and Pleasure was launched Fall 2017.  It will be available again  as Stress Less 2 and will include 2 coaching sessions January 2018.

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In Wine’s Hidden Beauty we travel beyond molecules to vineyards, visit with legendary winemakers and biodynamic vineyards  to discover the passion that brings people to wine. Some wine legends included are: Sterling Vineyards, Beaulieu, old Inglenook, Robert Mondavi, Jim Fetzer, Andre Tschelistcheff, Heidi Peterson Barrett, Mike Grgich, Mike Benziger and Jess Jackson.

An unabashed feast for the senses, this book celebrates the wonder and mystery of wine and life. I takes you on an illuminating journey into the art, science and the soul of wine.

With the microscope as the starting point, compelling photographs captured from the art inside the bottle, reveal an intimate look to deepen your pleasure of this beloved beverage. Conversations with wine and winemakers feed the discussion of what shapes our taste, the mystical, playful and health aspects of wine.Drink in the incredible beauty of the unseen world and you will discover taste, wine and savor life.

Have fun with this book and wine.


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My most recent book  EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about the immune system  – how it works, how it breaks down, how to fix it and care for yourself, manage stress and eat well.


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