Explore the Intelligent Cells that are Your Body, and so much more

Your cells, along with your actions and thoughts keep you healthy.  Cells do their work unbidden, yet you can influence, do influence their actions.  Learn more about what cells do and to access their amazing intelligence, to make a difference in your life and health.  

What your cells know can guide you in life

  • Learn how to manage stressful thoughts so that you and your cells have more energy. 
  • Embrace all that is good in your life. 
  • Experience gratitude and pleasure.

Discover how your cells communicate and how what you think and do play a part.  Learn strategies to enhance your ability to tune in, be present and aligned, body mind and spirit.  Endowed with an incredible intelligence built within our cells, you will be transformed by their wisdom and knowledge. 

To start getting to know your cells better, simply take them for a walk.You may become awe-struck at the incredible wisdom that’s hidden within you.

me at mtaiI offer programs that teach you how to awaken to and access your innate cellular wisdom for health and healing.  Programs can be delivered in day-long or weekend workshops,weekly groups, lecture presentations, and individual sessions. Based on my book Secrets of Your Cells, my personal explorations into healing,  teaching, and working with people challenged by cancer, stress, or life, an online course is in development, these programs take you deeper into you inner wisdom. 

My intent is to provide you with an embodied experience to guide you to feeling empowered to better care for your cells and yourself. And perhaps you will kindle a new romance and fall in love with your cells.




cells with crystal ballAccessing Your Cellular Wisdom 

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An incredible journey into the invisible cellular universe on an expedition of somatic discovery.This program embraces science and the art of imagery along with practices to embody your cells’ wisdom and to illuminate what you already know. This journey into your invisible cellular universe will guide you to discover, enliven, and know how to communicate with your cells. Illuminated by spectacular microscopic imagery of our inner world you will witness the amazing molecules and cellular architecture of life. Discover where in your cellular anatomy, sound, energy, and movement have their influence. This multi-sensory journey into your inner nature brings together science, sound, and visuals to enhance your awareness, knowledge, and imagination

Our cellular ancestors evolved their chemistry and life skills to allow them to survive and thrive for millions of years. Just imagine what these invisible cells can show us about life. You will be introduced to the design and life skills of your cells to be able to access their amazing intelligence. From receptors on the edge of each cell to the inside fabric, their vast communication abilities listen to everything you think and do. We discover that, at a cellular level, the underlying fabric is constructed of tubes and strings making us string instruments. This unique anatomy provides a framework of how energy, vibrations, song and the senses can engage with all of your cells. What tunes your strings?

Cells communicate through molecules, energy and instant messaging. The underlying foundation of this program is that we learn best when we embody and experience the information. Each program incorporates sensory awareness, movement, inner space explorations into the world of our cells and molecules. You begin to learn how to celebrate and communicate with your cells, maybe even fall in love. With guided visualizations and personal reflections, the sacred teachings of your cellular kingdoms will be illuminated.


dna mandala copySacred Secrets of Our Own Biology: From Cells to Soul

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This program reflects the spiritual teachings of our cells and molecules expanding the science with the sacred. It, too, has practical implications for “real life.”

  • In the Beginning: Life Needs a Place- Creating Sanctuary
  • I and Thou
  • Community and Communications
  • Listen: Inner Messages
  • Principles of Divine Design
  • Engaging the Laws of the Universe to Support Change
  • Renewal and Attunement:
  • Cell and Soul Sensory Pleasures and Treasures of Life

brain changeStress: Mind, Brain, Energy and Your Cells

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Stress is defined as: thinking (or believing) that one doesn’t have resources to cope with the challenging situation

  • Stress is more about our perception than the event.
  • The brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined.
  • Imagination is a powerful healing and creative resource yet can be a life threat when it focuses on Worry and “What If’s”
  • Stress is an energy deployer, ongoing stress wastes energy making us vulnerable for illness.
  • Stress and your genes, mood and energy management
  • Explore 10 effective STRESS LESS STRATEGIES


leukemia cells bwThe Aberrant Cell – Cancer 

What IS Cancer?

  • What exactly is a cancer cell?  There are at least 200 different kinds of cancer.
  • Cancer can result from unregulated growth of abnormal cells.  Genetic mutations of growth regulation genes are usually the culprit.  It takes 4 or more gene mutations to result in a cancer cell. Some of these mutations are reversible.
  • Cancer is NOT a disease of the immune system.  Most cancer cells are not even recognized by the immune system since they haven’t changed their identity.  They still appear as self cells.  Immunotherapy takes advantage of altering the cells (either cancer or immune cells) in the lab so that they can now be removed by immune cells. 
  • Many helpful strategies exist to support health if someone has cancer or is at risk. These include: qigong, guided imagery, eating well, and lessening stress. (Health factors for all of us)
  • This program provides an overview of the biology of cancer and offers helpful strategies to promote wellbeing and lower the risk of cancer.



5SensesCells Talk:  Making Lifestyle Changes 

With the help of cells, brain and the senses

As we explore how our thoughts, senses, and brain influence our cells, we awaken to the powerful resources we have within.  We experience first-hand the practical knowledge of cell biology and neuroplasticity, how the brain can change. By the end of this program, we will be able to enlist the remarkable abilities of our trillions of cell allies every day for a more joyful journey. We will explore the intelligence of the cells and senses to create new habits and change.

Practical Benefits for Daily Life:

  • Lessen stress for improved health
  • Experience more energy and pleasure by being able to transform habits, beliefs, and behavior
  • Discover how to intentionally communicate with your cells and your brain
  • Activate your abilities to heal, reduce pain, and enhance cell intelligence
  • Improve your brain’s ability to learn and remember
  • Experience gratitude for all that your from the inside out


Cells-me at ionsSecrets of Your Cells Online Program

72 wine glass and bottlesShaping Taste: Delighting in Wine and Sensory Wisdom