Working Together Towards Awakening Your Inner Wisdom

ME HAIR 1 copyI love working in groups yet often we don’t have time to get into deeper issues, personal health questions, or real individual coaching. So in order for me to help enhance your learning I am offering several options to work together. One option is consult the Cell coach to help you understand how your cells work to build your knowledge and strategies for healing.  When you book a session, let me know how you want to connect and put your skype name on the registration form.  I will initiate the call.

Gain practical ways to support you and your cells’ learning healthy new behaviors and patterns.


CELL COACH: Awaken Your Healing Wisdom

  • 72 3 candlesDo you want to get a better understanding of how your body, mind, cells work together?

  • Are you suffering with a chronic health condition, cancer or stress and want a guided visualization to help you manage?

  • Here we can explore both science and sacred  using strategies that will best serve you in your quest for knowledge and/or healing.


The easiest way for us to get started is for you to answer some questions  and  have a short conversation to determine if working together  will be useful for you.If we both feel that you will benefit by working together we will set up a private session. One session may be enough.

The first short (15-20 minutes) conversation and questions are complementary. Individual sessions (one hour) are 95$ USD each, pay ahead of time for three $250, you save money and have made a commitment to your healing journey.


MORE INFORMATION and things for you to think about.