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In addition, photomicroscopic art can be used for products, labels, promotion – your wines or mine

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Grgich Hills Chardonnay

Grgich Hills Chardonnay

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The kinds of challenges for which I helped find  creative solutions:
~A winemaker wanted to know if you could visually see (with the microscope) differences in wine made from grapes grown on a mountain top or valley floor, another, the effect of crystals on taste.
~A winery wanted a unique tasting event for its club members.

~A hospital needed an all-day interactive community health program for patient and staff education
~A science museum wanted an art show and benefit wine and food tasting their members

~An international  wine education group wanted a visual tasting presentation  exploring the structure of taste and wine

Clients have included:


UNIQUE Custom Wine Tasting Presentations

Taste a Shape

Previous presentations have been given for Sterling Vineyards, Monticello Vineyards, Lawrence Hall of Science, American Wine Expo, Wine Industry Technical Symposium (the original WITS), Society of Wine Educators, Grgich Hills Estate, Rudd Oakville Estate, Earthrise Retreat Center, Black Stallion Winery, WineSpirit and Jessup Cellars.

Shaping Taste, Tasting Shapes with Sondra Barrett from Petaluma Pictures on Vimeo.

A Unique View of Wine and How it Impacts Palate Diversity   Sponsor: WineSpirit

This WineSpirit program  is unlike any other conversation you are likely to have about wine tasting!   It s all about you…and your tastes, uniquely your own! That is what Sonoma State’s Distinguished Professor of Wine Business and Master of Wine Liz Thach and Scientist Sondra Barrett, both longstanding WineSpirit leaders, will bring to the table in celebrating your unique palate, and reminding you in so doing that what makes wine special is how it celebrates that each of us is different; we each bring our own special perspective on tastes in wine that mirror our unique tastes in life.

As the next in a series of special events we have held this year, this WineSpirit program will help you feel and value how special is your particular understanding and appreciation for tastes of life.

So, be sure to join us Sunday, September 27 at 2 PM for what will no doubt be a memorably enlightening shared experience as we enjoy wines and taste treats made even more special by the presentation of Liz and Sondra.  They will engage each of us in ways that remind us that we all experience wine, food and life differently, even as we learn different perspectives on life’s blessings from one another’s varying points of views . These two images are two of the wines we will be tasting.

If you have not yet done so, be sure to sign up early, so we can share in this special afternoon together at:Black Stallion Estate Winery in Napa

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cropped-chard-and-sb-reframeLarge Giclee prints on canvas, metal or transparency.  Cost depends on size and medium.

72 sterling SB post cardNote cards and tasting cards

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