Wine Consulting and Photomicrography

UNIQUE Photomicrographic portraits Illuminate your wine’s hidden life

Barrett 300 IMG_ME2021 copyFor decades I have captured  the incredible beauty,  spirit, and hidden expressions of wine through a special light microscope.  Such unusual portraits can help preserve  the memory of those special moments in a wine’s life. The photographs can be for used for fine art in the living room or tasting room, wine labels, or visual wine tasting events.  Beyond the beauty, there is value in being able to visually follow a wine as it ages, discover if it reveals the micro marker of ageability, or whether a wine is losing its vitality and beginning to fall apart.

 One of the reasons I became so fascinated by inner world of wine, it showed the story of life, transformation and our senses.  Juice, through the microscope is tiny.  From fermentation on the forms transform, become more complex, change, and grow larger. I’ve  even seen clues that a wine is losing its vitality and clues that a wine will age well and live long.   What secrets a drop of wine can reveal when you know how to see.

The Message in the Bottle? IS  WINE ALIVE? 

SEEING AGING CHANGES: Restrained or Opening Up.  NAPA Valley Cab Sauvignon


Opening Up

2002 Rudd Oakville Estate Cab 3.5 years

2002 Rudd Oakville Estate Cab 3yrs


These two images illuminate how a wine opens up as it ages. Both are 2002 Rudd Oakville Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.  The photograph on the left is the younger wine by 6 months. It was silky and smooth,  yet was more closed, focused, and tight while the wine on the right aged for another 6 months has softened, opened up and shows more complexity .  Interestingly, the slightly older wine now reveals signs of great aging potential.  Both times when these wines were tasted they were smooth, rich, and elegant.

Here are two more cabs, actually “Bordeaux” blends, the 2006 Alpha Omega Proprietor’s Red, a year apart.  On the left is the younger wine which tasted more tannic, and looked more angular.  On the right you see a year older wine showing more soft forms and no angulars.  We can capture visual cues to how a wine is aging and developing and they make a great tale to tell – once upon a wine….

Alpha Omega 2006 Proprietors Red 3 yrs

2006 Alpha Omega Proprietors Red 3yrs

2006 Alpha Omega Proprietors Red 4 yrs












What Shapes our Tastes?




How you can use photographs of inside wine: