Online Courses

This short course Stress Less 2 for More Energy and Wisdom offers proven strategies, knowledge and some coaching for you to become less stressed and more relaxed with more energy.  You will be introduced how all this works at a cellular, brain, and mind-body level through compelling visual presentations, guided visualizations, experience with qigong movements and self-massage, sensory education, sound and humming. AVAILABLE UNTIL APRIL 2018 WITH COACHING.

To help support your success in this program you will have 2 short coaching sessions with Dr.  Barrett, one session before you start plus the 2nd midway through. In addition, there will be ongoing email support. 


You are blessed if you get to spend any time with Sondra Barrett! This professional, well-rounded human being, after all she is a scientist and trained Shaman, is a true wizard of our time! Her training and background as a cell biologist must have prepared her for experiencing what real stress is. And it apparently also lead her to learn and teach how to best handle stress so it doesn’t get the best of you. Her course on Stress Less Living is worth every moment. Each week she has an experiential meditation or guided imagery related to that week’s topic as well as articles, worksheets and Qi Gong exercises to further assist us to improve our quality of life so we can best manage our stress. These activities can continue to assist us for the rest of our lives. All we have to do is practice!
EP, Tampa, FL

I really appreciated the supplemental materials and the posting of the recordings.It’s very evident you put a lot of time and effort to these beautiful slides.  I love how you explain the impact of stress on the cells. New info and extended knowledge how you talked about  Cellular memory and cell energy, damaged DNA, CytoSkeleton, Neuroplasticity. and Humming.  I am humming every day. TR, San Mateo, CA

Reflecting on the stress less workshop you offered us, I think the main shift for me was to begin creating a different relationship and mindset with my cells. And with that the question you posed in probably session 1 on how would my cells like to be treated, with the answer of “be fluid and flexible” (in mind and body) with gratitude is a great practice and one I am interested in prioritizing. Also, what you said in your cell book and touched on the web-like skeleton of the cells  it has me conceptualizing how  strength and letting go is just like in Yoga there is strength and some tension that allows for the letting go of another aspect of the structure. I believe you stated that this is your theory (in simplified terms ) on letting go of stress/trauma/etc in the body on the cellular level.  CR, New York