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The photographs you see here were taken through a light microscope equipped with prisms which break light into its colors.  I use the  colors within light to “paint” the molecules and substances of life.  What you see are the actual shapes or “molecular footprints” of wines, nutrients, drugs and mysterious menage de taste that offer clues to deeper information.  WHAT YOU ARE SEEING are photomicrographs of the expressions of molecules, wines, minerals, tastes, etc.  How the molecules come together – perhaps congregations or collaboration of molecules.  

Molecular photography captures a world invisible to the naked eye…It  opens the mysteries to molecules and cells. It is art based on reality, not an artist’s imagined representation.  Images tell a story or act as a portrait.  They may even communicate scientific information visually so it is more easily understood, then it becomes a teaching tool.

John Naisbitt  ~ High Tech, High Touch: Technology and Our Search for Meaning

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Vitamin B12

I was trained in traditionally scientific fields of biochemistry and immunology. For years I used the microscope for medical research until I discovered that the microscope can also reveal artistic treasures and pleasures.  My art has appeared in the Scientific American, Noetic Sciences Review, Wines and Vines, numerous wine publications, and at Sterling Vineyards, Lawrence Hall of Science, Napa Valley Museum, hope & grace tasting salon, Joseph Phelps Freestone and museum tour with Bioscapes.
As an explorer of INNER SPACE I have been privy to mysterious invisible worlds.  Exploring substances with a microscope I saw incredible beauty and common patterns underlying all of Lie.  The power of these images hint at another left of knowledge of our universe, laws of design.  I often call these – MYSTIC MOLECULES.

I feel privileged to have captured some of the mysteries on film.  A  seemingly mystical order is revealed. Wines tasting young or sharp often reveal sharp and angular forms while those soft on the palate look as if they could wrap around your tongue.  Mind-altering chemicals oft express psychedelic art while herbals and certain minerals show a doctrine of signatures.


This marriage of art and science inspires my sensual and  spiritual interpretation of life.

On these pages you will discovery mostly portraits of wine – beauty from inside the bottle.  Galleries are categorized, mostly, by wine varietal.



HOW THE PHOTOGRAPHS ARE TAKEN Many of the photographs on this website were taken with an interference light microscope which is basically a light microscope equipped with two prisms. The prisms break white light into its rainbow of colors. The material on the glass microscope slide that I am photographing also may refract the light. The prisms add another dimension, beauty, texture and visibility to the stuff of life. I shoot the most dramatic view, the most typical and the most unusual. The forms and shapes are a result of the chemical nature and ‘collaboration’ of the molecules in the wine or substance photographed. Most would be colorless except for the prismatic display of colors, my ‘painting with light.’ All photographs through the microscope are taken with 35 mm film (yes, film). I have a few original Cibachrome or Ilfachrome prints which are made directly from slide film, no computer manipulation.

72olympus iphone6 coversPhotographs of wine have taken honors in the NIKON Small World and OLYMPUS Bioscapes competitions. In fact, the employees at Olympus voted my photo from 2008 as their favorite to put on their iphone cases.  However as film is becoming obsolete we take advantage of digital expression to produce all other types of prints – photographic prints and giclee reproductions on fine art paper or canvas. Photographs of scenery and the visible world are taken with a Canon digital camera.

Impression through a microscope capture unique moments in the life of a wine offering a contemporary view of life.

I occasionally accept new photographic commissions. Your ideas are welcome if you have a project in mind.


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