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Learn the Secrets of Your Cells  NOW In  Scotland

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The introductory presentation on Thursday evening will take you through the beauty and inner intelligence that is within you giving you a taste of what the weekend has in store for you.  You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about your cells, healing, life.  You can take either one or both days to fully discover what wisdom is within you and how to access it.


The incredible Lilia Sinclair is setting this all up and come join us for an once in a lifetime experience.

 April 2016   Glasgow 

An Invitation to Awakening Your Cellular Intelligence

Begin to AWAKEN each day

Learn to awaken to the cellular intelligence that is already within you and discover your amazing healing powers and inner wisdom.

72 fibroblasts cyto10016You have within you trillions of wise ancestors waiting to guide you to living more fully. Discover with the lens of science the compelling sacred inner universe of your cells. While engaging your imagination, senses, and intuitive wisdom you will awaken to your inner healing powers, which guide you to live well. From the simplest single cell to the complex trillion-celled creature — you — come enjoy and fall in love from the inside out.


72 spirit handBuilding on both scientific and shamanic ways of knowing, this interactive and experiential program includes lectures illustrated with compelling visual powerpoint presentations, healing practices including guided imagery, qigong, and expressive arts. Within this program we create a community of learners and cell explorers taking home skills for managing your energy, letting go and enhancing cell memory. In the end the ultimate result may be that you fall in love, with your cells and your self in a whole new way.

This program based on Dr. Barrett’s book Secrets of Your Cells brings to life the amazing messages and lessons our cells have for living a cherished life and ways to access your own inner wisdom.

April 2016   AWAKENING in  Glasgow  and Malta

Learn to awaken to the cellular intelligence that is already within you and discover your amazing healing powers and inner wisdom.

Experience the wisdom and intelligence of your cells, from both scientific and spiritual perspectives .  With this you will gain practical ways to tune into your cells, better manage your stress, learn energy-enhancing qigong, and potent strategies for letting go.  And you will know why this is so essential from your cells. Within the amazing architectural design of your cells is a fabric of strings that both directs the expression of your genes and the responses to sound, movement and even your thoughts.

In this program, you will:

  • Gain practical ways to support you and your cells’ learning new healthy patterns
  • Experience the 10 teachings your cells have for thriving
  • Discover the healing powers of art, imagination and connection

Dr. Barrett’s book The Secrets of Your Cells (Sounds True) is one of the most groundbreaking books of our times. The information in it may save your life, lead you to your purpose, or increase your joy and peace.

fancy cellSondra, an award-winning photographer and explorer of inner space, reveals the art in science and similarities of DNA, mandalas and sacred geometry of our molecules. Her awe-inspiring photography through the microscope illuminates the inner world as few have seen.  She explores how cell and molecular structures may provide scientific origins for spiritual traditions and art across cultures, calling this Cellular Anthropology.

Sondra suggests how our cells both sustain us and provide a blue print for healing and a sanctuary for the soul. Let Sondra help you awaken the cellular wisdom that is already within you by joining in this course.


The Introductory Talk starts at 7 pm to provide an overview of Secrets of Your Cells from science to practice. This offers some practical wisdom of your cells and how to create an intimate relationship with them.  Through vivid images via powerpoint presentation you will be taken on a journey into the invisible world within you plus experience how to connect with your cells to access their knowledge for healing.  This evening will inspire you to the vast and amazing intelligence within.  Discover your cells’ story on their way to becoming you. Based on Sondra’s book Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence (Sounds True 2013) , now in 6 languages.How to Listen and become aware of all that they do for and with us.

buddha tensegrityDay 1 of Awakening to Your Cellular Intelligence takes you deep into the inner sanctum of our cellular universe, to experience your essential nature and inner wisdom. Here you learn to embody our cells and make useful Life’s Operating Instructions as written in your cells. We start the day with the creation of the first cells and uncover their qualities for living that we can help us know ourselves better in joy. Did you know, as cells mature they become more fluid and flexible and that what you eat influences their abilities towards resilience and flexibility? Do we as we mature become more rigid in our ways or more at ease? As we learn about the biology of our cells we also uncover their life lessons for us, how to connect with them and their sacred teachings.

Day 1 of this program gives you a deep understanding of how your cells work, what they do and how to connect with them with easy to learn practical tools.

72-399 dna mandalaDay 2 builds on the basic principles and practices explored in Day 1 expanding to how leukemia cells HL60cells break down and how we can better care for them and our selves. We explore what happens to transform a normal cell to a cancer cell and how do our cells turn against us in autoimmune illnesses. How does a cell lose or change its identity and communication abilities?  Here we go beyond science into the metaphysics and sacred symbols and teachings of our cells, to know ourselves anew. Discover how we may prevent, slow down or turn around these cell errors while we also discover more about the metaphysics of our cells and molecules delving into the sacred geometry and symbols embedded within us.  Day 1 is essential for taking Day 2.

Day 1 Topics and Teachings

  • The Architecture and Your Cells’ Life Story
  • Creation – the Sanctuary of Our Cells
  • I AM – Cell and Self identity
  • Communication – Cells talk — mind and molecules
  • Your Cellular Shaman — the Cell Decision-Maker and Letting Go
  • Sensory and Energy practices
  • The Mind, Memory and Consciousness of our Cells

Day 2 Topics and Teachings

  • Genes and Their Control
  • Cancer – what is it and how can we take care of ourselves
  • Immune illnesses — autoimmunity — cell and self identity
  • Your Identity – cellular, Mythic and metaphysical self
  • Sacred symbols within
  • Connecting and falling in love, the Ultimate Connection
  • Awake and Aware

Barrett 300 IMG_ME2021 copySpace is limited so sign up early to reserve your place in becoming a Cytonaut, an explorer on Inner Space. When you register you will receive a link for free video of Qigong lesson for Logging On.  Also please feel free to email Sondra about any questions you have about this program.  Sondra[at]SondraBarrett[dot]com.

Who is this course for: Are you interested in healing? Consciousness? Are you a Parent, Teacher, Healer, Therapist, Health Professional, Clergy, Open minded, Curious, challenged by a chronic illness?  This is a MUST for you.

72 3 candlesWHAT TO BRING:  Once you are registered – 

Wear comfortable clothing. Please bring a small sacred object, if you have  one you would like to have supercharged by our group energy.. A pen, colored pens or encils and a notebook or drawing tablet to record your experience and impressions. And of course, bring your curiosity, open heart and sense of humor.

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Thursday’s Introductory sessions starts at 7 pm in Glasgow

Saturday and Sunday from 930 am to 5.



Sondra will be in Glasgow on the following dates: April 7, 9 and 10.   Register now for GLASGOW to save and to ensure your place in the course.

Introductory only  talk: Thursday 7th April 2016 NOVATEL GLASGOW £20

Saturday workshop (April 9) can be done as a stand alone while Sunday will take you deeper with more interactive experiences and some focus on cancer.  Saturday course must be taken to benefit from the Sunday program. Sunday program is 10th April 2016.  Both days of the  course are being held at the Village Hotel Club Glasgow.  7 Festival Gate. Glasgow, United Kingdom

The Introduction on Thursday evening(April 7) is at the Novatel in Glasgow.



150listenListen to an entertaining and  informative conversation between Michael Stone and Sondra about our Cells and how they bridge science and spirit

INFO@SONDRABARRETT.COM .e look forward to sharing this time with you.