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10 Sacred Secrets of Your Cells

Our cells are incredibly intelligent even though it is said by some that they have no memory, yet they know how to respond to danger interpreting signals from the brain. And some cells, like the immune cells, are able to recognize a dangerous invader and move towards it to eliminate it from our bodies.  In fact, noted Northwestern University scientist Guenter Albrecht-Buehler, states that cellular movement is part of the cell’s intelligence.


In order for cells to keep us fit, we must move and stretch.    No wonder that physical EXERCISE is the key strategy to keep our brain, mind and body healthy and helps us age well.  That makes a lot of sense from a cellular perspective.  Since, after all, the inner nature of our cells is a stretchy fabric constructed from strings, tubes and struts.  

Cell fabric stringsIf those strings or matrix become rigid, tight, they lose their flexibility, and so do we – body and mind. They also influence gene expression.When we loosen up, move and let go, our cells release unnecessary tensions and align together, we are in resonance. They become more efficient in using and producing energy.  Movement practices, like yoga, tai chi, qigong, zumba, dance, running and swimming keep our cells humming.

And because “our cells are string instruments,” music, vibration, and energy tunes them and us. So dancing with our cells is a good start to making them and you happy and content.  Music, vibrations, and energy tunes them.  We can get Fit, be FIT , and stay fit, one cell at a time, all trillions of them.

Dancing with your cells is good for your brain too.

What’s the difference between Cell Intelligence and CELL WISDOM?

I interpret much of our cellular biology and activities as gifts from the divine, our inner poetry, if you will.  Consider that meditation practices now are done primarily for reducing stress and those stress reducing activities affect all of our cells and our brain.  Yet keep in mind that most of the meditation practices originated as ways to connect with God or the divine.  WISDOM for me means bridging our scientific understanding with our divine or sacred potential.

One aspect of tapping into that wisdom is by listening, a result of meditation, breathing, intention.  And what do we listen to or for?  I invite you to engage in a sensual relationship with your cells and see what they can tell you.

150listenYOUR CELLS ARE Listening interview withTami Simon, founder and publisher of Sounds True

  • What do your cells know that can guide you in life?. 
  • Engage with their wisdom, and yours, to fully embrace your humanity and destiny. 
  • Learn how to manage stressful thoughts so that you have more energy.

And if you don’t “hear” anything you’ve probably at least experienced some moments of inner peace

2Buddha_statue with cellCreate a Cell Spa

What makes your cells happy or peaceful?

For me, being in fresh air bathed in soft softshine, hearing the right sounds and music, the sea in all her many personalities.  Think to what makes you feel more relaxed and happy? Test those strategies to bring you there when you need it most.

When I traveled a lot for work, I would carry a bottle of lavender oil and sniff it when traffic got me stressed, worked a lot of the time to relax me.  Music can do that too all the time.

So to create an instant of cell relaxation, know the tunes that will do that and have them ready, same with any smells.  Tip:  you can experience and remember the state of wellbeing and inner peace with your senses. Sounds and smell anchor and condition our memories  building tracks for the neurons in your brain to connect creating a pathway to inner peace, for the moment.

Sound waves and scents can transport us to another place inside.

Try this. Turn on some music and spend 10 minutes exploring which music moves you to a peaceful, happy place.  

I offer programs that teach you how to awaken and rekindle your innate cellular wisdom for health and healing.  Programs include weekly groups, weekend or week-long workshops, talks, presentations, and individual sessions.  Soon there will be a 7 week online course.  All of this work is based on my book Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence, my experience teaching and working with people challenged by health conditions or stress, and what I continue to learn.  My goal and intent is to share what I have learned to guide you to a place of feeling empowered and in love with your cells and yourself.

One simple and effective way to enhance your cellular and energetic fitness, practice some qigong.  Qigong, an ancient movement meditation practice, gave birth to tai chi and has been studied for its benefits for balance in elders, for gene repair in people with cancer, and for overall well being.  Here’s an invitation to explore qigong for how it will benefit you.

Explore the Cells that keep us healthy

It is our cells along with our actions, our thoughts that keep us healthy.  Here you can learn more about what they know and do.  You may be awe-struck at the incredible beauty and wisdom that’s hidden within you.

In this exploration you will see and discover how your cells communicate and how what you think and do play a part.  You can learn strategies to enhance your ability to tune in, be present and aligned, body mind and spirit.  Endowed with an incredible intelligence built within our cells, you will be guided to their wisdom and knowledge.Take your cells for a walk.