When I photograph a wine or other substance, I capture numerous images- what’s unique, what’s  most typical, and what’s most beautiful (could be the same image or not) – I will provide you with a proof sheet to choose which image/s you want.

955spirit of cabernet

Besides having unique art of the creation inside the bottle, you can use the art for visually impactful PR and advertising plus your investment can generate income by sales of reproductions of the art, for wine club and other events, plus sales of  merchandise with your unique micro expression.  Wineries: Use your art to showcase your wine at wine auctions. Just a few ideas


1024ch la mondotte 7-2012Deliverables for one sample:

  • Proof sheet of the many beautiful images captured from your wine or product.
  • One 16 x 20 color print of one selected image – your choice
  • One high resolution file of that selected image
  • Report and discussion of what these images reflect compared to other wines
  • Photography of one wine $1200 including 16 x 20 print. Without the print  $500


Deliverables for 3 samples:

  • Proof sheet of numerous images captured from each wine or product.
  • One 16 x 20 color print of each wine – your selection
  • One high resolution file of each of the selected images
  • Report and discussion of what these images reflect compared to other wines photographed and to each other.

Photography of 3 wines $3000, without the prints or high res files $1000.


Discover how your wines’ expressions will inform, illuminate and inspire you.

The depth and breadth of the project depends on what you want to learn, do you want to follow one wine or many over time, explore barrel samples, different vinification practices or are you wanting to test market the images for a sales campaign. Ongoing or developmental projects start at $250/hr.

Are you looking to see differences in vineyards, varietals, age, blending etc.  Or is it simply the beauty in your wines.  We will discuss your needs as we develop the project.



300 me winespirit 2154

1-2 hr Shaping Taste, without photography of your specific wines, tasting. $1500

1-2 hr Shaping Taste with 3 of your wines photographed. (Optional color tasting sheet for each participant) $6000

Jeriko 2006 pinot noir at 3 years

Jeriko 2006 pinot noir at 3 years

400Jeriko06 2010PN13

Jeriko 2006 pinot noir 4 yrs

Uses and Licensing of the images:

better chard and sb reframeGiclee prints are available from 11 x 14 to 30 x 40 printed on canvas, metal or fine art paper. Prices starting at $150 depends on size and medium.  Prints are generally limited editions and numbered. Ask for print costs.

Use of Existing Digital files (at 300 dpi 1000 pixels wide) of photographs from my inventory for online promotion start at $250 for non-exclusive unlimited time period.

Images and their copyright may also be purchased outright.