Coaching Programs

I offer several kinds of coaching programs:

  • Health/Lifestyle
  • Health Professional Mentoring and Guidance
  • AstroElemental Guidance

72 new cells book coverHealth and Lifestyle:  I support you in making changes in your existing lifestyle such as reducing stress, engaging a new habit or a guided visualization to support your wellbeing.

Another kind of Health Guidance would focus on an illness you are challenging such as cancer.  The goal would be to help you understand the biology of the condition and mindbody strategies to support you such as your own guided imagery.

Health Professional Mentoring Guidance:  I help you expand your knowledge base and practical skills for healing.  How our cells, brain and mind work together.  Especially useful for individuals working with cancer patients.  Think of this as your own private classroom expanding what you most want to learn about.

ZODIAC WITH MINERALS copyAstroElemental Guidance: A unique form of what might be called spiritual astrology.  Based on my specific symbolic system of the elements you will learn more about the inner you, be given a visual elemental signature to help your inner guidance, plus discover your innate strengths and challenges based on your birthdata.  Solutions will be suggested for your biggest elemental challenges.

For more information or to schedule a session email me to determine whether a coaching session will help you.