Cell Health

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The new Secrets of Your Cells 2:Engaging Your Cell Wisdom  online course will be available  August 8, 2018. 

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Cell  Medicine   

The word “MEDICINE” refers to our inner healing powers, as indigenous people talk about ‘MEDICINE.” We can learn to access and awaken to our own medicine, healing powers.

Each of us is born with innate powers. Discover your INNER sacred medicine powers.

My Healing Challenges

One Way to Cell Health, Cell Medicine is to explore the nature and intelligence of our cellular ancestors and hidden codes of life – biology bodymind-spirit.

Just imagine what these survivors of millions of years can tell us about our innate cellular intelligence and health.

In the beginning – Once upon a time there were only molecules on earth – minerals of the soil and elements of the seas, they all came together in a magical way to create space and place and Here we ARE NOW.  Molecules came together as energetic and intelligent building blocks of life that are us. And ultimately formed those first cells, the carrier of life  that evolved into us.

 How do we honor our our molecules and cells and spirit.  HUMMMMM


Listen about the Basics of mind-body medicine and healing AUDIO TRACKS

Introduction to BodyMind wisdom

Gratitude Aligning Body & Soul

Listening to our bodies – what is a body-felt experience

and  LISTEN to your own cells and see what they are telling you.

DOWNLOAD Book chapter –Final Cells and the Sacred

We can accesses information through altering our state of mind,  our consciousness and energetic ways of knowing, to communicate with our cells.

Come learn how our cells can be tuned/tuned into with sound, mind and movement – PRACTICES OF THE SHAMAN

We will explore that anatomy and design of our cells, how indigenous art and sacred traditions may have adapted the cell’s spiritual intelligence through inner vision.  Based on cutting edge medical science and age-old sacred traditions, you will be guided into a deep relationship with your self, and perhaps even your soul.


How are our cells like the Medicine Wheel, or are they? How do we create peace within and a sacred environment for us and our cells – come join us to discover what wisdom is hidden within your innermost body, your cells.What do your cells need to thrive; what do you need?   By bringing your attention to what your cells require for the good life, you give that gift to yourself.  Take them for a walk and you stretch, breathe and enjoy nature.  Thank them for the great job of keeping you alive, you reward yourself with a deep sense of gratitude.  Listening to their messages, you quiet your endless chatter and receive what you need. Click here to discover more about SANCTUARY.

CELL WisDOM marries biology with the innate restorative powers and sacred nature of our cells, our selves.

EMBODY what your cells know –



Hidden inside your trillions of cells is the intelligence to –

  • Recognize safety and danger
  • Diagnose and repair problems, and
  • Regulate, reproduce and restore balance.

You and your cells communicate through your thoughts, tensions, and intention. Once you discover the amazing abilities of your cells, you may experience gratitude for all they do to keep you well. Learn cellular practices that calm and align your sense of Self while discovering how to access your cell powers to make a difference in your life.

These programs are a crossroads between science and the sacred,

and  reveal Lifes operating instructions and hidden laws.

Join us to

•    Explore strategies for gaining inner wisdom and strengthening the Sense of Self

•    Learn a simple Energy Management practices  that help you align body, mind and spirit

•    Discover how to access your Cellular Intelligence for healing

•    Expand your knowledge of laws of the universe, symbols in our cells & molecules

•    Experience Letting Go.