Awakening to your Inner Wisdoms

Awakening:  The Inner Wisdoms of Your Cells


2Buddha_statue with cellRomancing Your Cells

With science, sound, and movement we will explore the intelligence within our cells to guide us in awakening our own healing wisdoms. Discover the inner matrix of your cells and how it guides the cell in decision-making. This inner fabric responds to sound, energy, vibration, and tension and able to trigger the expression of your genes.

You are invited to explore the essential nature of your inner cellular universe from both scientific and practical perspectives. Come embody your cellular nature igniting your inner wisdoms.

Excursions into inner knowing and Bodymind wisdomfl multi magical passes twirl cells

3 main elements:

cells with crystal ballScience: the new biology of how your cells and brain work, communicate, guide and contribute to your health and healing

Personal exploration through bodymind practices (qigong, guided imagery, sound, music and reflection) to embody the science, make it real and useful to engage with your cellular wisdom.

Spirituality – an intersection where science and imagination connect you to your sacred cellular nature


From participating in this program you will:

  • Gain appreciation and understanding of the amazing inner world of cells and the sacred
  • EXPERIENCE how what’s going on in your mind affects your body
  • Use the power of sound, music, and your imagination to align cells, bodymind, and spirit
  • Acquire a new body image, falling in love with you from the inside out
  • Develop greater practical awareness of your powerful cellular intelligence
  • Lessen your stress with increased abilities of celf-management and optimism
  • Enjoy the present moment more by learning that your cells are always in the now
  • Experience gratitude

Building on both scientific and shamanic ways of knowing, this interactive and experiential program includes lectures illustrated with beautiful visual presentations and exploring healing practices including guided imagery, qigong, and expressive arts.  In this program we create a community of cell explorers taking home skills for managing energy, letting go and enhancing cell memory.  In the end the ultimate result may be that you fall in love, with your cells and your self in a whole new way.

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