Astro Back Story

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The astrological birth chart, drawn for the moment of first breath, establishes life-long attunement your attunement to the 4 elements, vibratory manifestations that represent layers of consciousness, vitalizing forces. Elements represent specific types of consciousness, perception, and realms of being.

Zodiac_man_1702How did Minerals get associated with Astrology?  It is said that ancient and medieval astrological wizards envisioned that each part of the human body was ruled by a sign of the Zodiac.   Then in the 1800s, the story goes, after the human body was ashed, what was left were 12 mineral salts. Homeopaths, biochemists, and astrologers conceived that these twelve mineral salts were associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac.

In the late 1970s, I was asked to photograph, through the microscope, these minerals related to astrological signs. After I completed the photography, I noticed four primary shapes, square, round, squiggly or curvilinear, and hexagons. Trained to look for patterns, my curiosity inspired me to explore whether these 4 shapes had any connection in astrology. The shapes aligned with the 4 elements: air, earth, water, and fire.   The air sign minerals were square; the earth sign minerals were round; the fire signs hexagonal while the water signs were undulating and curvy.

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Throughout the ages, from Aristotle to Carl Jung, the 4 elements have been used to symbolize basic human traits and the physical qualities of nature. The elements also reflect the masculine and feminine: air and fire are male while earth and water are female. These fundamental qualities are communicated through my photographic imagery of minerals through the microscope. These minerals are said to be associated with the signs of the Zodiac as explored through ancient medicine, alchemy, homeopathy, and biochemistry. In this hidden world, we can see the grounded earthy feminine nature of the Earth signs the soft undulating quality of water signs, the masculine angular quality of the air signs and the focus of fire signs.

Microscopic Symbolic Language? Molecular Archetypes?

How was this possible – that the microscopic view of a mineral fit its symbolic relationship to a sign of the zodiac? Though this was exciting, it created one of the biggest challenges of my life. Was it possible that I had uncovered through scientific technology, a link between ancient mythology and modern biology. That the intuitive story of astrology could be reiterated by microscopic photography was a perplexing discovery for a scientist. As I delved more into the symbols of astrology, these microscopic forms also confirmed the ancient metaphysical concepts of masculine and feminine signs of the zodiac. What I also learned the microscopic form mirrors the astrological element which corresponds to the 4 physical qualities of matter.


When I first discovered these forms of the minerals I called it a symbolic language and used the 4 symbols to look at an astrological chart in order to understand human relationships and attractions. I speculated that the reason we are attracted to someone is the difference in our elementals. I lack the fire element and discovered that many of my friendships were with people with lots of fire in their charts. Of course, there are lots of reasons for our attractions. Astrology doesn’t hold all of the answers. These ideas could have no scientific proofs.

Many months ago I had a timely yet unlikely conversation with an old friend, who happens to be my astrological twin. I mentioned the elemental story to her. We have known each other for decades and have not been very close, but this time she got excited and wanted to know more, how would I use this information. I speculated – do readings. She happens to be a psychic and a medium and took me under her wing and mentored me how to do readings. This reluctant scientist decided to give it a try knowing I could not depend solely on my intellect. I would also have to use my intuition, not a comfortable place for a scientist. I would also listen to spiritual guidance. This has been a stimulating, challenging and rewarding addition to my life’s path.

Much to my surprise when I did my first readings, people got something out of them. First, by their seeing the visual representation of their elemental astrology. The symbols and images spoke to them. The images and my interpretation gave them something they had received in no other fashion. I would also offer remedies or solutions to get more in balance,  based on their elemental signatures. What might strengthen the ‘weak’ parts of their elemental chart and what supports their strengths.  Since I have explored the senses, expressive arts and shamanism, my solutions tend to embrace those realms.  Solutions like music, scents and different kind of movement. And because I have been a health educator bridging science, the cells and the spirit, I bring a lot of health and healing wisdom to the discussion beyond the astrological.

I used to interpret a lack in a person’s chart if it was low or missing an element.  Now I interpret that as a challenge or life lesson.  What needs to be made stronger to be in balance?   I am also discovering, people often “know” what they need elementally.  

A reading is a collaboration.  And my intent is to have it be empowering.

After a reading I always make recommendations for following up on the information, to strengthen the hidden powers or balance the challenges. It’s a collaboration between me and the person with spirit guiding the way.

Radio interview about this work by Dr. Ned Hoke.