Awakening to the SACRED WISDOM of Your Cells: Life’s Operating Instructions

An Invitation to Awaken to Your Cellular WISDOM

You have within you trillions of wise ancestors waiting to guide you to living more fully and joyfully. Discover with the lens of science the compelling sacred inner universe of your cells.  While engaging your imagination, senses, and intuitive wisdom you will awaken to your inner healing powers and innate intelligence.  From the simplest single cell to the complex trillion-celled creature — you — come enjoy and fall in love from the inside out.

Building on both scientific and shamanic ways of knowing, this interactive and experiential program includes lectures illustrated with beautiful visual presentations and experiencing healing practices including guided imagery, qigong, and expressive arts.  Within this program we create a community of learners and cell explorers taking home skills for managing your energy, letting go and enhancing cell memory.  In the end the ultimate result may be that you fall in love, with your cells and your self in a whole new way.


Through body, mind and the senses, imagination and intuition you will gain and embody understanding of your cellular and mythic nature – spiritual teachings to enhance your life each day.You will:

  • Gain an understanding of the magnificent wisdom and beauty of your trillions of cellular ancestors and allies
  • Learn an energy-enhancing practice called Logging On based on ancient Taoist qigong.
  • Engage in imagery and guided reflections to deepen your relationship and knowing your cells.
  • Discover how what you think is translated into cellular communications.
  • Explore how your physical senses are doorways to inner wisdom and knowing.
  • Know what lifestyle activities influence the expression of your genes
  • Develop a sense of the sacred hidden in your biology
  • Expand your strategies for letting go
  • Engage your senses to help support life changes and cell memory
  • Enhance your abilities for healing and appreciation
  • Comprehend that what your cells need is what you need
  • Gain an understanding of the of the breakdowns leading to cancer and heart disease

Who is this program for: Are you interested in healing? Consciousness? Wine tasting and appreciation.  Are you a Parent, Teacher, Healer, Therapist, Health Professional, Clergy, Open minded, Curious This is a MUST for you.

Cells-me at ionsThe Cell Introductory Talk  provides an overview of Secrets of Our Cells from science to practice.  LEARN How to Listen and become aware of all that your cells do for you and with you.

As we learn about the biology of our cells we also uncover their life lessons for us plus how to connect with their sacred teachings.  We discover how to release stress and let go of issues that constrict us as we explore the parts of our cell self that respond to energy, sound and movement. This program gives you a deep understanding of how your cells work, what they do and how to connect with them with easy-to-learn practical healing tools.

The basic one day program, as one day  we will only briefly explore cancer and heart disease and a bit of symbolic healing.  Each segment of the program includes one or more experiential explorations and provides useful take-home strategies. Sondra suggests that our cells both sustain us and provide a blue print for healing and a sanctuary for the soul. Let Sondra help you awaken the cellular wisdom that is already within you by joining in this program.

In a Two-day Awakening program

Sci amer coverDay 1 of Awakening to Your Cellular Intelligence takes you deep into the inner sanctum of your cellular universe, to experience your essential nature and inner wisdom.  Learn your cells’ story becoming you. Here you learn to embody your cells and make useful Life’s Operating Instructions. We start the day with the creation of the first cells and uncover their qualities for living that can help us know ourselves better.  Did you know, as cells mature they become more fluid and flexible and that what you eat influences their abilities towards resilience and flexibility?  Ask yourself do you become more rigid in your ways or more flexible as you mature? 

Day 1 Topics and Teachings – The Basic Language and Wisdom of our Cells

Meeting the Day:  Gratitude, Breath, Intent, Meditate Logging On, Connect 

  • The Architecture and Your Cells’ Life Story
  • Creation – the Sanctuary of Our Cells
  • I AM – Cell and Self identity
  • Communication – Cells talk — mind and molecules
  • Your Cellular Shaman — the Cell Decision-Maker and Letting Go
  • Sensory and Energy Practices
  • The Mind, Memory and Consciousness of our Cells
  • Awake and Aware SMART

Medicine wheel copyDay 2 builds on the basic principles and practices explored in Day 1 expanding to how cells break down and how we can better care for them and our selves. We explore the possible causes of cancer, heart disease and autoimmune illnesses and visit solutions for nourishing our cells, our selves.  Here we also go beyond science into the metaphysics and sacred symbols and teachings of our cells, to know ourselves anew.

Day 2 explores what happens to transform a normal cell to a cancer cell and how do our cells may turn against us in autoimmune illnesses.  How do cells change their identity and communication patterns?  Discover how we may prevent, slow down or turn around these cell errors while we also discover more about the metaphysics of our cells and molecules delving into the sacred geometry and symbols embedded within us.

Day 2 Topics and Teachings  – Solutions for Change

Meeting the Day:  Gratitude, Breath, Intent, Meditate Logging On, Connect

  • Genes and Their Control
  • Cancer – what is it and how can we take care of ourselves
  • Epigenetics – changing gene expression
  • Immune illnesses — autoimmunity — cell and self identity
  • Imagination and Healing – the Shapeshifting
  • Your Identity – cellular and mythical
  • Sacred symbols within
  • Connecting and falling in love, the Ultimate Connection
  • Awake and Aware SMART Awaken GRATITUDE  begins with How we greet each day –AWAKEN TO THE DAYEvery morningMeeting the Day  –  Connecting to cell, self and Soul
    • Feeling the heart of Gratitude
    • Meditate ~ Breathe
    • Set Intention
    • Connect to Bodymind Spirit
    • Logging On and a Sound Self

    I Meet the day with Gratitude and Appreciation

    Create Sanctuary and a Sacred Moment ….

Past AWAKENING presentations:

Thursday, January 14, 2016               SANTA ROSA IONS

April 2016     Malta and Glasgow Awakening Your Cellular Intelligence