Once upon a time I was a serious scientist and cancer researcher at the University of California Medical School(UCSF). This has expanded into bridging science and healing, seasoned with art and spirituality.  I offer programs that guide people to their innate inner wisdom as expressed by our cells and molecules.  As a Health and Wellness educator I make practical cell biology illustrated by powerful graphics,many through the microscope.

My first experience with the microscope  was to explore human blood cells to track how they normally functioned and matured and then how normal and cancer cells differed.  My eyes became trained to track maturation characteristics, form and function.  Once I began exploring INNER SPACE with a microscope, my vision, beliefs, and curiosity changed  – I started first looking at living human cells, then peering into the magic of our molecules, and then wine.

Over time  I began seeing that our cells and molecules reveal information that is more than about health, biology and science.   The design, beauty, geometries, and innate symbols of our molecules led me into my life long exploration of what intelligence is hidden in our cells and  molecules, and do they carry metaphysical messages. We are more than we think. 

I am available to speak on the following topics:

  • Sacred Secrets of Our Own Biology
  • Less Stress Please
  • Tasting Shape and Shaping Taste
  • Romancing our Cells
  • Aging and Spirituality
  • Healing is an Inside Job

WINE captured my attention when I was artist in residence for Sterling Vineyards in the 1980s and have been tracking Hidden spirits ever since. My foray into wine and taste took me deep into microscopic forms that revealed a visual language of taste.  This website serves as a place to share with you the inspiring beauty that is within us and to offer the practical wisdom hidden in our cells (and wine), and to inspire you to think differently.

My first book Wine’s Hidden Beauty  explores the inner life of wine, sensory symbols within wine and taste, and our senses.  Getting into the world of wine came as an unexpected gift.  Way back when I was a scientist at UCSF and giving slide shows to children with cancer, of the amazing beauty of  cells and molecules,  I was invited to interview at Sterling Vineyards in the Napa Valley for their artist-in-residence program.  For the interview I photographed my first wine – the winemaker said that the photograph “looked like the wine tasted” and the rest is history.  I fell in love with the grape, vineyard and wine from inside out and continue to learn and be in awe of winegrowers who create such masterful gifts.

My first published photograph taken with a microscope was of human white blood cells (in the British Journal of Haematology).  My molecular photography has been featured in museums, wineries and wine publications, Olympus’ Bioscapes Museum Tour and Lawrence Hall of Science. And the latest on Olympus’ iphone cases using my photo of Heidi Barrett’s La Sirena Moscato Azul.


I wear several hats:  Medical scientist, mindbody health educator, author and photographer, I explore the intersections between the material world of cells  and molecules with mysticism and spirituality. Once I shifted from only using my intellect to experiencing our invisible world as sacred and intelligent, I leaped into interpreting that our cells carried practical teachings useful for life. I have taught at mainstream medical organizations – University of California Medical School, Stanford, Children’s Cancer Study Group, California Pacific Medical Center, Kaiser Hospitals, Sutter Health – as well as non-mainstream and non-medical venues including Esalen Institute, IONS and Earthrise Retreat Center, Lawrence Hall of Science, and California Institute of Integral Studies(CIIS).  My unconventional journey took me from a hard-core research scientist on the faculty at the University of California Medical School in San Francisco(UCSF) to delivering programs about the healing wisdom of our cells and hidden beauty in wine.

Inner space explorations (with a camera and microscope) helped me become aware of physical patterns and symbols in nature and the similar forms that create the architecture of  life.  I interpret the shapes and patterns in our cells and molecules as symbols of sacred geometry.  More than science, this is art and wisdom within us and all living things.  I guide people to tap into the wisdom of their your cells based on science, practice and spirituality. I wrote about these discoveries in my book Secrets of Your Cells (Sounds True 2013)- now in 7 languages.  I also consult with wineries and offer unusual visual winetasting programs.  This book guides the reader to inner health, wellness and innate wisdom within.


My most recent book Ultimate Immunity (Rodale October 2015) was co-written with dear friend and pioneer in integrative medicine Elson Haas MD.  This book brings together everything we both know about how our immune system works and how to keep ourselves healthy.


Consulting services for wine and art

My CLIENTS have included:


In addition to wine illuminations, I offer health and lifestyle programs,  presentations, and individual sessions for healing, cell fitness, and living with cancer.  My consulting in the health field is based on my book Secrets of Your Cells:  Discovering your body’s inner intelligence and what I’ve learned since writing the book.  I also have added AstroElemental Readings to my consulting and coaching repertoire, a new look at astrology and inner wisdom.