Sacred Geometry in Our Cells

In the beginning, they tell us, before there was life

there was vibration and energy and space, star dust whirling around in the winds and waters…

and then one magical moment a container was built that would hold life…

that container is a sanctuary for the sacred dollop of energy that carries each living cell through life.

Look at the molecules for life.

All living creatures thrive on 5 and 6 sided molecules.  pentagon and hexagons.  The above pentagon congregation, or collaboration.

Molecules are generous beings they either share or give away their energy to another molecule that could use it

Our pentagon star above is Vitamin B 12.  Its red color comes from the electrically charged mineral cobalt salt it holds in the center of 4 Pentagos

Chlorphyll in plants and hemoglobin in our blood have the same basic pentagonal structure, but instead of cobalt, chlorophyll carries charged magnesium and hemoglobin carries iron ions.  Ions are electrically charged molecules.  These minerals – cobalt, magnesium, and iron exist in our cells as charged molecules to be able to swim the waters between cells.

And another look at the hidden sacred symbols within     Here is sodium chloride, NaCl…… Na+ is Positively charged, Chloride ions are negatively charged   Na+  Cl-

Table salt is a tetrahedron  4 sided

Salts are made up of a positively charged mineral and a negatively charged -ide

300 AquarIus copy

sodium chloride  4 sides       TETRAhedron

vitamin B12         5 sides      pentagon

glucose                 6 sides      Hexagon

Patterns of molecular vibrations…… tune in next time… cymatics sound shaping matter.
Different shapes among molecules necessary for Life..

Vitamin A swirl

einstein mysterious vit a

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