About Healing

Healing, what is it actually?


We may first look at healing if/when we get diagnosed with a disease or condition.

And then we think about fixing our physical parts that have broken down.

Then what, is that all there is to healing?

Phixing the Physical?

Surely not, then everyone would get better from all illnesses and that doesnt happen all the time, yet it does happen.

So what else is involved?  Our mind, our beliefs, our worry, our thoughts, our emotions, sadness, anger, happiness – all energetic waves of energy that surround us – our body, our cells, our atoms and molecules are all involved.

How do we fix the vibrations and energy that are surrounding our illness or conditions?  How do we change the field around our cells, our spirit, our soul waves?  Lots of ways to tap into our healing.

Remembering an early experience with what the docs were saying was life-threatening for me.  What did I do?

bolinas wharf fogChanged my priorities – I moved from the city to the country by the sea to spend less time working and I discovered NATURE.  I BECOME AN APPRENTICE TO A BIODYNAMIC GARDEN-FARM. Tuning into the plants, the cycles of the seasons, the moon… and all the else I learned in this out of the way village about healing from people who thought differently than me, the scientist.  And I am still here, that was 30 years ago.

The top image is an incredible piece of art from Alex Gray symbolizing healing, merged with our amazing cells.  so much alike.

I continue to ask the question what needs healing – one answer keeps on coming up


So what is it you need to forgive yourself for?

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