It’s Elemental

Way back when our ancestors were trying to define creation and what was needed to make life happen, many cultures described life and creation in terms of the elements – air, water, fire and earth.  Of course, our physical world has actual elemental counterparts to the elements – wind, seas, sun and our own planet.  Over time these same elements were used to describe human proclivities, temperaments, and even personalities.

After exploring the elements symbolically for decades I have actually begun using them to provide guidance to people, helping them discover their strengths and challenges.  Its been an amazing journey.    Here I will begin sharing some of the fun and astonishing revelations from our elemental repertoire.

300 AquarIus copyRight now, astrologically the sun has moved into an air sign, Aquarius.  And the symbolic tale of this air sign, it is time for us to express our ideas and be more social.

And the symbols of this air sign as depicted by the mineral salt associated with Aquarius is the angular square as seen here.  The mineral salt is sodium chloride.

The mineral salts for all 3 air signs reveal angular square shapes.  What do you think that reveals about the inner nature of people who have lots of planets in air signs?

air elements





And for your viewing pleasure and imagination – this is a photomicrograph of Earth and Water.  I call this “Nurturing.” This is a blend of the minerals for Capearth-waterricorn and Pisces.   

NOW IS a good time to schedule your Elemental Guidance Reading.


I just thought I would try an elemental reading with Sondra because it sounded interesting to me. What I received was beyond my expectations – the video quality was superb, the reading outstanding. Sondra explained to me what the elements represented mean for me and what are area of opportunities and strengths I can see there. Amazing, how well it described me and I understood what next steps are waiting for me in my life that I would like to unfold. Thanks a lot Sondra for this amazing and valuable experience.~Yvonne U. Germany

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