Why call a program  Awakening to Your Cellular Intelligence?

To Awaken:  to cease sleeping,  to become conscious or aware of something, to arouse from a sleep-like state, to stir up old memories, to make active

So what does this mean? For us to awaken is to become aware of our cellular intelligence.

Our incredible cellular intelligence is always awake, we may not be.  So what then  is cellular intelligence – all the things they are able to do to keep them and you alive. Part of their intelligence includes what kinds of information do they respond.  And of course, you are part of the intelligence – how do you, and can you, access them and influence their choices?   In this program you will cultivate a personal awareness of your cells and engage in a  more intimate relationship with them.  You will fall in love.

72 Secrets of cells book cover

fancy cellA very personal awakening for me to my cells intelligence was 2 years ago.  From some lab tests I was told that I probably had liver cancer; the scans seem to substantiate that. To help myself from freaking out, I went into discovering how to relate and awaken to my cells.  After some meditation, I asked what they needed from me, to either deal with a cancer diagnosis or to possibly turn it around.  I surrendered to knowing, that a relaxed state could certainly help my state of mind.

I awakened my awareness of all that I knew about cancer  and had my cells guide the way, so to speak.  I listened, I did everything I knew to be healing.

In fact that was the first question I asked – what needs to be healed in me – whether or not I had cancer or could reverse it. Yes, I asked my cell self.   First what needed healing – lots of emotions – especially  anger and love and so my work began.  Asking for prayers and receiving lots of love from friends and family eased the journey.  Not googling liver cancer also protected me. And I had a daily dialogue with my cells.

200me cropped bd party_edited-1Two months later, I was told the mass in me was not cancer,  Of course, I have wondered, did my cells and I turn it around, or was it never cancer.  My more psychic friends have no doubts.

Guess I need to go in and have another conversation with my cells to see what they tell me.  In the end, I certainly gained much more reverence and appreciation for who we are as sacred cellular beings.  Not just our smart phones, our smart cells.

This brings me back to Awaken – to become aware and conscious of what seems hidden and yet is always there.

How you AWAKEN TO THE DAY influences your whole day,  AWAKEN gratitude.

The first Awakening programs were given last spring in Malta and Scotland, and then here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I am now offering small groups to explore awakening our cellular wisdom and healing powers.

What you will gain from an Awakening Program:

  • Awareness of how your thoughts, choices and even music can guide your cell self.

This program can be given over one weekend, though can be taught in a different format if desired.  It can also be specifically designed for health professionals or those seeking how to better care for their health.

Call or email Sondra to discuss your group’s specific needs.

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