Man is a colony of cells in action.  It is the cells which achieve, through him, what he has the illusion of accomplishing himself.  It is the cells which create and maintain in us…our will to survive, to search and experiment and to struggle.

~Albert Claude, Nobel Prize in Medicine 1974

I ask you to open your mind and heart to investigate your cellular world, for the cell holds deeper truths than can be found through the wonders of science. We are a constellation of trillions of energy holders – soul keepers – that carry wisdom ready for you to tap into.

According to the Jesuit priest and scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in his book, The Phenomenon of Man, it is because of the ability of our molecules to embrace that we, too, embrace one another. Though it may be hard to imagine molecules in a romantic embrace, as if they were conscious or loving, their molecular wisdom creates all the right forms through embrace.  Molecules merge to form a vessel that holds the cellular self.


Whatever ideas you hold about how life began – not even covered in the new Cosmos TV show, which went from the planets and stars but bypassed how the first life form was created – we are constructed from a sea of chemicals.  You might want to watch Brian Swimme’s The Story of the Universe now available on Netflix for another view.

Yet molecules are not enough for life.  From somewhere – is it God – the energetic force, divine spark, the animating energy of life is essential for life to begin.  Only when this energy finds sanctuary in form can there  be life.  The residential sanctuary for life is the cell.

From the science to the sacred to the self – how do you create sanctuary. People have created drumming circle and church altars, place to dwell together in a spiritual way.  Yet each of us can create sanctuary for ourselves to be able to tap into our own sacred nature.  Do we light a candle, say prayers, visit a nature sanctuary?

Creating sanctuary is about embracing and honoring ourselves; taking the time to listen to what our inner wisdom tells us.  It helps reconnect our so-called separate parts, mind body spirit.  When we take time to create sanctuary we help establish a new rhythm for ourselves and our cells.  How will you create a sense of sanctuary today ?

Each one of us carries a fifteen billion year existence in us, so that when we encounter one another we ought to be awed by the experience.  And when we encounter ourselves… every hydrogen atom in our bodies has been in existence for 14 billion years – imagine how many stories they have to tell us.

~Matthew Fox, One River, Many Wells

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