Visual Tastes: Mouth-embracing wines

After photographing thousands of wines with my trusted microscope, I have seen distinct patterns that SEEM to reflect the unique experience of the wine.  Why not explore whether the inner visions of a wine help people to learn more and have some fun while tasting. Learning intuitively…

Today’s post is about a few wines that wrap themselves softly around the tongue.

The 2007 Concannon Petite Sirah Nina’s Cuvee is one such wine. Made from vines planted more than 40 years ago it is named to honor one of the matriarchs of the Concannon ‘dynasty.’  Giovanina Ferrario added the Italian flavor to this family with roots in Ireland when she married Joseph Concannon in 1919.  Concannon, a pioneer in cultivating petite sirah in the United States, planted its first petite sirah vines 51 years ago.  In my house Concannon petites have become a ‘go to wine’ since they are so dependably rich, full bodied, easy on the palate and pocketbook.

When I photographed the inner character of this wine I saw broad complexity of structure and softness. Its microportrait shows the incredible beauty hidden inside the 2007 Concannon Reserve.  Layers of soft tannins that embrace your mouth with gentle power provide a  long lasting finish.

2007 Concannon petite sirah Nina's Cuvee at 5 yrs


From Concannon’s website The 2007 Nina’s Cuvée Petite Sirah Reserve is a classic, with black cherry, spice, white pepper notes and a rich, long finish. Because of its firm acid structure, the blackberry flavors of this wine can be enjoyed now or for many years to come. From old vines, this wine has dense flavors and unique maturity profiles, makes for an intensely flavored wine.

Tonight I had a great surprise – this wine, opened for a few days, so of course, I had to have some with dinner.  Dinner was shrimp scampi with pasta.  The surprise was what a fabulous pair they made – deep red wine and a white white dinner…. delish!

And if you like this style of wine, two other wines I’ve photographed reveal a similar expression: Another petite sirah – Twisted Oak(Calaveras County) – and Opus One, a Bordeaux blend.  Of course, there’s a huge price point difference between Opus and the other two mouth-embracing wines.  So if you like an affordable full-bodied red wine with long finish and soft mouth feel, check out the petites. And for a very special occasion, Opus.

2005 Twisted Oak at 7 yrs

Notes on the 2005 Twisted Oak from Jeff Stai

Some pert and supple tannins you’ll definitely want to hang with. A wine that leaves you smiling seductively, on the inside….2005  twisted oak_petite_sirah_geek






Notes on the 2005 Opus: A voluptuous garnet culminates in a long and luscious finish.

2005 Opus One at 7 yrs



Any of these three wines would go perfectly with red meats  or almost any intensely flavored foods.

Got wine, now eat.

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