Why the Grape?

What is so unique about the grape that it is the only fruit used to craft vintage wines called ‘bottled poetry?’

One of the answers relates to its chemistry, another to its elemental nature and spiritual purpose.

The Grape’s Molecular Legacies

First a grape’s uniqueness depends on its tangible chemical properties.
Only the grape contains tartaric acid.
Unlike all other fruit, grapes do not contain starch.

Grapes’ molecular repertoire is ideal for becoming wine. It has lots of sugar and water to make a potent alcoholic libation. When the skins marinate in this libation, layers of luscious pigment and tingly tannins leak out. Skins and seeds supply molecules that provide for greater structure, complexity, color and the ability to age. The spirit of the land, people, winds and sun, its ease or struggle to grow shapes the grape’s chemistry, as do its inherited tendencies for flavor, intensity and personality.

It is not simply molecules that make wine divine.

Is it possible that Grapes have a spiritual purpose to fulfill?


from Wine’s Hidden Beauty: Chapter – The Spirit of the Grape

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