From Cells to Art

 How did a medical scientist go from photographing CELLS to discovering the art within WINE?

white blood cell PMN


A medical colleague who saw the art in my photographs of cells, vitamins and minerals connected me with Sterling Vineyards, which had an artist-in-residence program. In preparation for the interview I photographed my first wine – a 1978 Sterling merlot. When the winemaker said the picture looked like the wine tasted, I was hooked on the inner world of wine.

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AstroElemental Guidance

Discover Hidden Messages in Your Birthday

300 AquarIus copy

Discover more about your self by the hidden messages in your birth dataIf you have been intrigued by the messages in water (Emoto’s work), discover the personal messages hidden in the microminerals associated with your birthday. 

AstroELEMENTAL GUIDANCE takes Astrology beyond “what’s your sign,” and a birth chart.  A Reading guides you to deeper wisdom and discovery of your elemental and energetic gifts, strengths, and challenges.

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Cell Health

STRESS LESS to Enliven Your Life Starts Oct. 1

This short course provides strategies, experiential knowledge and individual coaching to help you achieve success in lessening your stress and enhancing vitality. Lessening your stress also adds to your aging well. Beef up and balance your immune health by reducing stress.What strategies can you learn, beyond mindfulness, to keep you more in charge of your well-being? Discover how your cells experience stress and that they are always in the Now, not in worry or stress mode unless your mind takes them there.   Enroll now and you can bring a friend free.

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