The Winemaker’s Art

Sauvignon Blanc 2011 Alpha Omega

Seeing wine as shapes.  It is said that the great maestro of wine André Tchelistcheff could recall any wine he tasted, that he remembered the expressions of wine as personalities and shapes. In the 1980s Grape Grower Rachel Balyeat hosted a special dinner to show my wine photographs to André  to ask him – what are they?  André said, “the photos showed the jewels in wine.

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AstroElemental Guidance

Discover Hidden Messages in Your Birthday

libra horiz

If you have been intrigued by the messages in water (Emoto’s work), discover the personal messages hidden in the mineral salts associated with your birthday. 

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Cell Health

LESS STRESS  to Enliven Your Life

This short course provides strategies, experiential knowledge and individual coaching to help you achieve success in lessening your stress and enhancing vitality. Lessening your stress also adds to your aging well. Beef up and balance your immune health by reducing stress.What strategies can you learn, beyond mindfulness, to keep you more in charge of your well-being? Discover how your cells experience stress and that they are always in the Now, not in worry or stress mode unless your mind takes them there.   Enroll now for $45 and you can still start this week since all lessons are recorded. Next round starts Nov. 1 at $97.  

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