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Wine’s Hidden Beauty

What people are saying about WINE’S HIDDEN BEAUTY

As a winemaker for more than 50 years, I’ve always felt that making wine is much like raising children: You have to love and guide them and transmit to them the richness of your spirit. Now . . .“Wine’s Hidden Beauty” presents dramatic proof of what I’ve long believed, but could only feel: wine has a secret life and inner beauty that transcends its chemical components. Dr. Barrett’s portraits of wine are a wonderful addition to our understanding of the art, science and spirit of wine making.

~Miljenko “Mike” Grgich, Winemaker/Founder Grgich Hills Estate

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Discover a New Way to See Your Wines

72BarrettMoscato Azul

Moscato Azul – La Sirena

This is a photograph from inside a drop of moscato taken with a light microscope.


A remarkably unique visual service to enhance your wines’ visibility

Barrett 300 IMG_ME2021 copyI capture the incredible beauty and hidden expressions of wine through a polarizing light microscope.  These unique wine portraits can help you create inspiring stories about you and your wines to share with your customers.

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