about our Amazing INNER WORLD and INNER WISDOM
AstroElemental Guidance

What if – you could discover more about your innate resources to be able to build on them and strengthen your elemental challenges?  

Now you can with AstroElementals.  Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 7.20.56 PM

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cell meditation from soyc

Explore the Cells that keep you healthy

It is your cells along with your actions, your thoughts that keep you healthy.  You can learn more about what they know and do.  You may be awe-struck at the incredible beauty and wisdom that’s hidden within you.

  • What do your cells know that can guide you in life? 
  • Engage with their wisdom, and yours, to fully embrace your humanity and destiny
  • Learn how to manage stressful thoughts so that you have more energy

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Online Courses

This short course Stress Less 2 for More Energy and Wisdom offers proven strategies, knowledge and some coaching for you to become less stressed and more relaxed with more energy.  You will be introduced how all this works at a cellular, brain, and mind-body level through compelling visual presentations, guided visualizations, experience with qigong movements and self-massage, sensory education, sound and humming. AVAILABLE UNTIL APRIL 2018 WITH COACHING.

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