Molecular photography captures a world invisible to the naked eye.
It  opens the mysteries to molecules and cells. Art based on reality, the images tell a story or act as a portrait. 
They may even communicate scientific information visually so it is more easily understood.
John Naisbitt  ~ High Tech, High Touch: Technology and Our Search for Meaning

Sondra Barrett, PhD first, a skeptical scientist and cancer researcher at the University of California Medical School slowly changed her beliefs and understanding of our cells and molecules to seeing ourselves as more than biology and what is measurable. She also had her mind expanded by the microscope – first seeing living human cells and then peering into the magic of our molecules.  The world of wine captured her attention in 1982 when she was artist in residence for Sterling Vineyards in Napa.  Ever since, she has been exploring the expressions of wine and their story of life, death and temperament.  Her Shaping Taste Presentations and compelling photomicrographs of wine will open your mind as well.

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Secrets of Your Cells

Secrets of Your Cells



Through a powerful synthesis of biomedical science and ancient wisdom traditions, biochemist and ”cellular shaman” Dr. Sondra Barrett offers practical strategies our cells have for healing and thriving.  This book Secrets of Your Cells, a crossroads between science and the sacred, reveals Life’s operating instructions – as above, so below.


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Wine Events

WineSpirit Salon Series SUNDAY July 24

 “I’m Tasting Stars” –The Shape of Wine on Our Palate

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It is said that the great maestro of wine André Tchelistcheff could recall any wine he tasted, that he remembered the expressions of wine as personalities and shapes.   When he saw Sondra’s photographs of wine through the microscope, he said that they captured the beautiful jewels in wine. Come discover for yourself what beauty shapes your experience of wine, from the inside out. How does your palate feel when you taste different wines?

WHEN:   2:00 to 4:00

WHERE:  VINEYARD VISTA, NAPA, CA.  (Address provided upon registration)


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