If only we could see how beautiful we are INSIDE
would we love ourselves more, take better care
and treat others with more generosity and connection?

Awaken Your Cell Shaman, Accessing Inner  Healing     955 blend pic cell secrets

with Sondra Barrett, PhD

 Saturdays, JUNE 18, 25 & JULY 9

You have within you trillions of wise ancestors to guide you to living more healthfully and joyfully. You can access this wisdom by using the powers of imagination (the inner shaman) and qigong, ancient energy and movement practices for healing.

What is a shaman? A shaman is someone who travels the landscape of the inner worlds to access information that will help the individual or tribe. In traditional cultures, the shaman is a healer. In this workshop, you will learn practices for yourself adapted from the shaman for empowering healing and wellbeing.

Bridging science and spirit, this experiential program combines the science of cell architecture and biology, health psychology, sacred geometry and practices of guided imagery, art, body movement, qigong, and ritual. We are creating a learning community of explorers of the sacred inner space of our cells learning how to trust our cellular wisdom.

From this unique 3-session exploration you will know:

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Secrets of Your Cells

Secrets of Your Cells



Through a powerful synthesis of biomedical science and ancient wisdom traditions, biochemist and ”cellular shaman” Dr. Sondra Barrett offers practical strategies our cells have for healing and thriving.  This book Secrets of Your Cells, a crossroads between science and the sacred, reveals Life’s operating instructions – as above, so below.


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Wine Events

WineSpirit Salon Series Presents

 “I’m Tasting Stars” –The Shape of Wine on Our Palate

570 wise elder inglnk cab 1968

1968 Inglenook Cask Reserve at 17 years

It is said that the great maestro of wine André Tchelistcheff could recall any wine he tasted, that he remembered the expressions of wine as personalities and shapes.   When he saw Sondra’s photographs of wine through the microscope, he said that they captured the beautiful jewels in wine. Come discover for yourself what beauty shapes your experience of wine, from the inside out. How does your palate feel when you taste different wines?

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