If only we could see how beautiful we are INSIDE
would we love ourselves more, take better care
and treat others with more generosity and connection?


May 16, 2016  Awakening the Secrets of Your Cells: Science and Wisdom

strings of our cells
Your oldest living ancestors – your trillions of cells – know a lot about life, how to survive  and thrive. Explore how to connect to that wisdom within yourself and those you care for.
Building on Dr. Barrett’s internationally acclaimed book Secrets of Your Cells, this experiential program provides practical, cutting edge science and spirituality guiding you to embody your inner healing powers and cellular intelligence.

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SONDRA BARRETT is a scientist, writer, teacher, and award-winning photographer whose curiosity helps her investigate problems and find creative solutions.

How her expertise could help you.

PHOTOMicroscopic SERVICES – custom photography and product development – educational tasting programs, tasting room art, gift items.


Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPRESSIONS USING polarized photo microscopy to illuminate the beauty of WINE, herbal tinctures, vitamin, and minerals, homeopathics, etc.  Her photographic expressions  have appeared in numerous international publications and many interactive pre
sentations.  She takes on a few new clients each year to explore moments in time of wine.

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Exclusive Wine Programs

better chard and sb reframeExperience the WOW in WINE

WINE TASTING PROGRAMS  come in several versions:

The Basic Version that can be delivered at any winery or event.  It explores what shapes our taste from molecules to family traditions and can be done with wine or other libations – you can think of this as a generic version not requiring custom photography and is both educational and experiential.Call Dr. Barrett to discuss bringing this unique experience to your winery or venue.

The Custom GOURMET version brings together the visual expressions of specific wines as captured with Dr. Barrett’s photo microscope and developed into a custom tasty multi-media event for your winery, party, clients and special occasions.

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