“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
~Wayne Dyer
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I am a research scientist, writer and award-winning photographer who loves to investigate problems and help people find simple or graphic solutions.


The kinds of challenges I’ve helped find creative solutions for:

- A physician  writing a book on health  wanted to know which points he was making needed research, which were legitimate claims. My solutions: read what he’s written, research the scientific literature to validate or disprove what he believed.  I also made his life simpler by writing outlines for each chapter, writing and editing it all.
- A winemaker wanted to know if you could visually see (with the microscope) differences in wine made from grapes grown on a mountain top or valley floor.
- A homeopath needed an unique photograph for his book cover.
- A winery wanted a unique tasting event for its club members.
- A museum wanted an art show and wine and food tasting for a fund raising event

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CELL MEDICINE marries biology with the innate restorative powers and sacred nature of our cells, our selves.

EMBODY what your cells know -

Hidden inside your trillions of cells is the intelligence to -

  • Recognize safety and danger
  • Diagnose and repair problems, and
  • Regulate, reproduce and restore balance.

You and your cells communicate through your thoughts, tensions, and intention. Once you discover the amazing abilities of your cells, you may experience gratitude for all they do to keep you well. Learn cellular practices that calm and align your sense of Self  while discovering how to access your cell powers to make a difference in your life.

These programs are a crossroads between science and the sacred,

and  reveal Lifes operating instructions.

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