Magic's fundamental conception is identical with that of modern science;
underlying the whole system is a faith in the order and uniformity of Nature.
~ Sir James Frazier. The Golden Bough
Secrets of Your Cells

Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence.

The Architecture of Life – Divine Designs

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About Sondra

Scientist-Artist Sondra Barrett illuminates  life’s mysteries – from the inside out, from cells and molecules to food and wine.  You can see some of the amazing beauty of photographs of life’s molecules in her new book Secrets of Your Cells.

Listen to her first interview on this material with Sounds True Publisher Tami Simon

Part 1 Your Cells are listening

PART 2 – The Cellular Shaman

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CELLULAR SPIRIT – Secrets of Your Cells By Sondra Barrett, PhD

One result of the Age of Enlightenment’s attempt to divide each person into discrete elements is a profound sense of disconnection between our spirits and our bodies. This disconnect, a hallmark of societies in which technological advances have outstripped innate wisdom,  may help explain rising rates of emotional illness, anxiety,depression, as well as the rootlessness that afflict so many people.

But what if the body itself provided the blueprint for a renewed union of our physical and spiritual selves?

Biochemist Sondra Barrett started out believing that health was a simple matter of addressing chemical imbalances. Then she saw living cells under the microscope for the first time and was “enchanted by what I was seeing.” Thus began a journey that has culminated in Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence.

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