about our Amazing INNER WORLDS
Secrets of Your Cells

72-10h all Secrets of cells book coverHAPPY BIRTHDAY SOYC, NOW 4 YEARS OLD.

I always thought that MAY 1 was a significant day for my first Cell book to be published.  After all, May 1 was my Dad’s birthday.  He would have been very proud of me becoming a writer.  That was his dream, that he never got to accomplish in this lifetime.  Today he would have been 102 years old and has been gone for almost 40 years, most of my lifetime.

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At Jessup Cellars Tastemaker Series, I am pointing to expressions of wine


When molecules and libations are  photographed through a microscope,

their expressions reveal startling beauty, personality, temperatment and…

What shapes our taste and instinctual knowledge:

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Cell Health

cells with crystal ball

Cell  Medicine ~Cell HEALTH  

THE WORD “MEDICINE” refers to sacred powers, as indigenous people talk about ‘MEDICINE” How do we improve and access our cell health? 

Each of us is born with innate powers to tune in and heal our paths- spiritual and otherwise.  Find your INNER sacred medicine powers.

Healing Challenges

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