The real voyage of discovery
consists not in seeking new lands
but seeing with new eyes.
~Marcel Proust
Wine’s Hidden Beauty

What people are saying about WINE’S HIDDEN BEAUTY

As a winemaker for more than 50 years, I’ve always felt that making wine is much like raising children: You have to love and guide them and transmit to them the richness of your spirit. Now . . .“Wine’s Hidden Beauty” presents dramatic proof of what I’ve longed believed, but could only feel: wine has a secret life and inner beauty that transcends its chemical components. Dr. Barrett’s portraits of wine are a wonderful addition to our understanding of the art, science and spirit of wine making.

~Miljenko “Mike” Grgich, Winemaker/Founder Grgich Hills Estate

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As a biochemist and cancer researcher at the University of California Medical School I began seeing that our cells and molecules are more than biology.  In fact, my skeptic self reluctantly began changing – perceptions, beliefs and ideas – to seeing ourselves as  divinely designed.   My vision certainly expanded by exploring INNER SPACE microscopy- first seeing living human cells, then peering into the magic of our molecules, and later WINE.Once I began seeing the design and geometries of our molecules they soon became mystical and symbolic, archetypal while our cells are soul keepers. Consider that the molecules of the universe  follow universal laws  to build life forms that contain the sacred life force.

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Wine Wisdom


It is said that the great maestro of wine André Tchelistcheff could recall any wine he tasted, that he remembered the expressions of wine as personalities and shapes.

In Michael Chiarello’s Napa Stories, Andre is said to have changed how he tasted wine after he stopped smoking.  For decades his experiences came in the shape of a pyramid.  When he stopped smoking, his tasting expanded to the shape of a fan.

In the 1980s Grape Grower Rachel Balyeat hosted a special dinner to show my wine photographs to André  to ask him – what are they?  André said, “the photos showed the jewels in wine.

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