about our Amazing INNER WORLD and INNER WISDOM
From Cells to Wine Art

How did a medical scientist go from photographing CELLS to discovering the art within WINE? The first wine

A medical colleague who saw the art in my photographs of cells, vitamins and minerals connected me with Sterling Vineyards, which had an artist-in-residence program. In preparation for the interview I photographed my first wine – a 1978 Sterling merlot. When the winemaker said the picture looked like the wine tasted, I was hooked on the inner world of wine.

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Cell Health

cells with crystal ball


Cell  Medicine   

The word “MEDICINE” refers to our inner healing powers, as indigenous people talk about ‘MEDICINE.” We can learn to access and awaken to our own medicine, healing powers.

Each of us is born with innate powers. Discover your INNER sacred medicine powers.

My Healing Challenges

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Online Courses

Stress Less 2  provides strategies, knowledge and coaching for less stress and more energy.  Discover how this works at a cellular, brain, and mind-body level. AVAILABLE UNTIL APRIL 2018 WITH COACHING.

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